If I Were Mayor

November 15, 2017
By Derrk SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Derrk SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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If I were mayor of Saint Louis, I have 3 main ideas to help our city, the first one would be to help reduce the crime rates and talk about them. The statistics behind them and the numbers that they are. My second idea is to talk about the unemployment and poverty percentages and how we can help decreasing both of them. My last idea is to help with our pollution problem and how we can increase our safety of our city.

Goal #1 is the crime rate in Saint Louis is too high for any country. Saint Louis is the number one city for the most crime making it the most dangerous out of the cities in America. St. Louis is leads the nation in violent crimes with 1,817 per 100,000 residents. We need to help put crime to an end and then it will make our city safer. Because we can’t keep letting crime rule us, we need to rule crime. We can take precious measures to make sure everyone is going to be fine and that our citizens will feel safe. We can increase of police force so that they can roam the streets catching anyone that might not be up to any good. This will help lead into my next goal which is increasing the employment rate.

Goal #2 is the unemployment rate is at a solid 6.1%. This is not the lowest rate in the chart, but it is still pretty bad. Increasing the jobs will help with the crime rates because then they can supply for themselves and live a better life. Making more jobs will help overall because then everyone will be busy and that they won’t have time to do crimes. Making more jobs doesn’t only help them, but it helps with the community to grow and excel. Another problem with the unemployment rate is the poverty rate. The poverty rate is 27.8%. This rate is pretty large compared to the other cities. If the employment rate increases then the poverty rate will decrease, helping others grow and excel through their life. The poverty is still a big problem that we would have to deal with. Decreasing the rate of poverty will help others stay off the street and not fight for survival because it is just a bad feeling seeing others in that type of situation.

Goal #3 is the pollution. It just makes the earth get worse everyday and we are going to try to make an effort to help with the problem. We can make a change with my ideas that we have. We can have a two no work days to keep people from driving. Also we can add more bus stops so that people can ride the bus instead of driving to work and try to make the buses solar powered instead of gas. Then for the safety of our city we can add more stop signs throughout the area and lower speed limits so that we know driving will not be a problem in the neighborhoods. Trying to keep the cops outside when it is late so that no one can do anything in the neighborhoods, also making the neighborhoods safe for everyone.

These 3 main ideas of mine is what I think should be improved. If I get elected these ideas of mine will be the first to happen. We need to do these things to make our neighborhood, our city, our earth a better place.

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