If I Were Mayor

November 14, 2017
By alyssafunk SILVER, Hartland , Wisconsin
alyssafunk SILVER, Hartland , Wisconsin
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Good afternoon, everyone. I am Alyssa F. and I think Waukesha, Wisconsin, needs a new mayor. I am born and raised in Wisconsin and still live here today. Throughout the years, I have seen these landmarks lose business and losing money to make these landmarks better, and recently landmarks are being destroyed and I want to help keep them alive.

eople in this the country know of our beautiful and interesting landmarks. So If you vote for me for Waukesha mayor, I will do everything I can to help keep these landmarks stay alive. These special landmarks need help quick before we lose visitors who come and see these popular place: Lapham Peak tower, Pewaukee Lake, and the Retzer Nature Center nature center, etc. 

I intend to do this with the help of local schools and volunteers. At these festivals there will be food and drinks for families to enjoy. These landmarks will have activities such as coloring, scavenger hunts, and face painting for the kids. As for the parents and others, there will be drawing such as 50/50, raffles and other stations to win prizes. These activities will help raise money towards Cancer awareness by paying for the activities and playing for little prizes. There will also be live music from the local schools.  As we have these festivals, I want more and more people coming in and learning new things and enjoying themselves.

If people come to these festivals they will see these landmarks and everyone is allowed to donate any price they like to hospitals and to the American Cancer society. 

As we have these festivals we try to make sure they have a good time and have them wanting to come back with excitement and smiles on their faces. There will be festivals each season or holiday. At Christmas time we would have music, games and pictures with Santa Claus and every festival would have a different foundation to donate to. During winter we will have a coat drive and all the coats we collect will go to the homeless that are out on the streets freezing. During summer we will have the biggest donation foundation. As for fall and spring each year, we will have special donations such as shoes, clothes, money for material to build new buildings. We will have a festival at Waukesha County Fair and if you bring in three or more canned foods you can get a free ticket to get in. This will help the families that were hit by hurricane Irma in the Caribbean into Florida and the Southeast.
I want newcomers to pass through Waukesha County and think  this is a great place to live, because of the interesting landmarks and the fun festivals once in awhile to get people to come together. If you vote for me I will put my full attention on this town and put all my effort into keeping these landmarks and foundations alive. Thank you for all coming here today and for your time.

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