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November 13, 2017
By Doe_Daddy SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Doe_Daddy SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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If I were mayor of my small town of Crivitz, Wisconsin, I would focus on three main points. The first would be drug use and distribution, the second would be tourism, the third would be environmental upgrades. By changing these three parts of my town, our financial health, economic growth, and overall town emotions will increase exponentially.

Studies have shown through and through that areas having low education rates suffer heavily from drug use. This is because education systems lack anti drug curriculum, or anti drug classes. In Crivitz there is little to no anti drug education for the youth. This translates to a low standard of living, diminishing finances, and an overall high drug consumption level. This is why I think it is very important to educate the children on the dangers and negative long lasting effects of drug use. By installing anti drug curriculum in classes like Health, and using an existing anti drug program like D.A.R.E, future drug consumption levels will be at an all time low. Being Mayor give me the ability to influence the local police forces. For drug makers, dealers, and movers this means random highway checkpoints, increased night patrols, and the systematic sweeping of forestry units for any sort of hidden illegal operations or products.

Crivitz is home to lush forests and beautiful lakes that anyone in the right mind would love to come and visit. Although tourism is low ranking on the things Crivitz is known for, there are a few steps I would take to put this wonderful town back on the map. One thing Crivitz has is lots of space. I suggest opening a public 18 hole golf course to attract tourists from all around the country. Tourists need places to sleep and eat so the installation of the course will benefit all surrounding establishments. Another beneficial improvement for tourists would be a groomed snowmobile and ATV/UTV trail that wound through Crivitz and connected with other state trail in every cardinal direction of the town. This would bring lots of Sportsmen and women to the town to use the facilities, get gas, or even stay the night. Using these two ideas would encourage huge economic growth in our small town.

Crivitz has enormous sums of of public forestry units which are home to a variety of huntable species of birds, small game, big game, and predators. While this does attract some hunters, I believe the units can be managed further to produce world class animals. The first step would be to hold timber sales to clear out open spaces within the vast wilderness. All the proceeds from the logging can be reused to pay for park officials and later land improvements. Next I would introduce many agricultural tracts within units for two reason. The first reason would be to benefit the wildlife. Many species of animals in northerly states struggle to get proper nutrition through the cold dark winter months. Having crops like soybeans and corn would greatly increase the nutrients that the wildlife gets which translates to booming heard numbers down the road. The second reason is to benefit economic growth. Giving local farmers land to plant their crops puts lots of extra money in their pockets. Besides a small percent fee the town will take from crop yields, the financial state of local farmers will jump in a positive direction. In the end, by creating extra food for wildlife, huntable game like Whitetail Deer and Ruffed Grouse will flourish which will in turn attract more hunters

People would shy away from being Mayor of a small town, and even more if the town was struggling like Crivitz is. I however am up for the task at hand and will not see this town fail any longer. If key changes are implemented in our community, there is no limit to what we can become. The sky's the limit for Crivitz, and i'm happy to be the fuel behind it.

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