Bringing Light to Waukesha

November 13, 2017
By Alyssa Wulf SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Alyssa Wulf SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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As the day toward election comes for Mayor of Waukesha to be chosen by our people, I contemplate the focus of my campaign and what changes I will make to better our community. We live in a world full of evil, and there are many aspects of our society that are wrong and unjust. But by becoming Mayor, I strive to alleviate the evil, and shed more light on the miracles being worked by many citizens and the leaders. I persevere to be a light for others to follow, and I am ready for the next step to become the leader that actively evolves and shapes the region into a example for other towns.

We are making progress already in our town with education, women’s centers, workforce opportunities, and libraries. I plan to continue the success in those areas for the years I am Mayor, but there are other categories Waukesha is less successful with. They are as follows: road repair, entertainment, parks, and celebrations/festivals. I believe Waukesha, Wisconsin, is a beautiful county with abounding success, which is what makes it remarkable; however, if we aim to put more emphasis on the subjects listed above, I believe we could improve our way of life.

Road repair is a brutal, yet helpful necessity to keep our residents safe and driving under the best conditions. The flaw to road repair is the length it takes for completion of each project. The problem with that is the fact that we want our people to be safe; however, road repair increases the dangers of crashes and accidents among drivers. Due to the confusion it causes, our accident rates have skyrocketed resulting in fear of driving in our community, especially for newly trained drivers. My plan is to shorten the repair time and create a time chart of when the construction needs to be completed. To do this, I will hire willing workers who are able to focus their time and work hard to finish these projects for the safety of our people.

One of the other aspects I want us as a community to focus on is entertainment. Entertainment goes alongside celebrations/festivals, which I am willing to invest more in to open up opportunities for citizens. Currently Waukesha is a dull place and it needs more excitement for people of all ages to look forward to. I am devising a plan to open a theater within Waukesha that will contain an area big enough to fit a festival every winter and shows/musicals throughout the year. The winter festival will contain local singers to come share their music, as well as, famous singers to come perform their holiday songs. Also, I plan to have school choir groups participate for the attendees if they are willing to do so. It will be a festival full of lights, good food, music, and of course, hot chocolate. We have space in our budget to build this theater and spend extra money on starting up the event. However, we will also need help from the community for volunteers, donations, and willing singers/performers. The Winter Festival and the shows give opportunities for members of our society, and it gives others the blessing of music and fun. I believe if we work together to pull this off, we definitely can.

Lastly, I would like to invest more in parks around our area. As societies progress, we focus on industrializing with new buildings, corporations, and factories; however, Waukesha is filled with green, grassy hills and a clear, cloudless sky that not many other places have the privileges of experiencing. I long to conserve more areas around our town for our citizens to enjoy, whether it’s walking the dog, having a picnic, or sledding in the white, winter snow. It’s important to industrialize, but we must not forget about the natural beauty of our earth.

Overall, I strive to make our community a better place for everyone, and the small steps we can take together could evolve our town into something irreplaceable. By focusing on road repair, entertainment, and parks, we can, as a community, succeed to increase safety, enjoyment, and opportunities that we have not had before. I hope to be a light to this community, and see others follow to make Waukesha a brighter place.

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