If I Were Mayor

November 13, 2017
By WiscoSurf SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
WiscoSurf SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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If I were to be elected mayor of Dallas, Texas, I would improve the standard of living for all, make Dallas a safer city, and make sure we keep our right to bear arms. I would try to bring the Olympics to Dallas to create thousands of jobs, and stimulate the economy. I would improve our police and fire forces to make you feel more secure in our city. And lastly, I would support our second amendment and right to bear arms. 

There are currently 3,789 homeless people living in Dallas. Bringing the Olympics to Dallas would mean a boom in the tourism industry and a short term stimulation to our economy.  That will improve the lives of those above the poverty line.  And as for those below, there is roughly a 20% permanent increase in international trade with any area that hosts the Olympics.  A 20% increase would be a $49 billion increase in exports per year and create around 350 jobs.  In the long term that increase in trade will give Dallas extra tax money to spend on homeless shelters along with other organizations. Along with the long term and short term economic stimulations, the Olympic games will bring jobs to Dallas. Stadiums will have to be built, courses made, and hotels expanded and this will create jobs for working class people. Electing me as mayor would improve the standard of living for all.
Do you want to feel safe when you step outside? I know I do. A 20% permanent increase in international trade will give our city the money to grow our police and firefighting force. Dallas currently has 4241 law enforcement workers, if we increase that by 5% with the extra money we are making from the Olympics we will have a total of 4453 law enforcement workers. Partner that with a 5% increase in firefighting force and we will go from 57 stations to 60 stations. Dallas citizens will have nothing to fear if I became mayor. 

Lastly, I am a firm believer in the second amendment. Based on the events during the fatal attack on the Sutherland Springs church we need to be able to defend ourselves. As President Trump said, the attacks would have been much worse if the resident with a rifle hadn’t confronted the gunman.

I want to transform Dallas into a place everyone wants to live. Together, we will be safer, wealthier, and our homeless population will decrease.  Our international trade will increase by $49 billion, our law enforcement and fire fighting force will be stronger than ever.  However, you have to make me mayor first.

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