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November 13, 2017
By brookeg37 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
brookeg37 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Ladies and Gentlemen of Hartland, Wisconsin,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to stand here on this podium where so many past successful mayors once stood. Why am I running for mayor? Well, when I was a young girl, my parents once told me “It’s sometimes so hard to make everyone happy, but it’s worth a shot, you never know what could happen,” and that saying is why I am here today, hoping I can make everyone truly happy.

A successful mayor has four good qualities, and I strive to be all four for this town. The first quality is honesty. A good mayor will only promise what they know they can control. The second quality is management and leadership skills. A mayor is the one who provides direction towards the community. The third quality is good communication skills. The mayor should have good communication skills, especially listening. They need to listen to ideas and do what is best for the community. They also need to be able to persuade others to follow in their direction. The last and fourth quality is being able to make difficult decisions. Not everything the mayor is going to do is going to be fun, but they need to make the best decision in the interest of the community whether they like it or not. As mayor, I promise to fulfill all four of these qualities.

As mayor, I will improve the education and have children actually enjoy going to school. I will improve the safety of this county as well. There will be a wider range of opportunities, more shelters for those who have been mentally scarred, and more community events to pull us all closer to one-another.

My first role as mayor would be to improve education. It is no secret that many children complain about school. I will improve this. I would like to make schools more bearable by having the teachers and other staff members be more understanding of the students lives.

Some students have a hard time learning and teachers should not get frustrated, but instead spend a little more extra time working with the students. I also think that homework should be recommended, but not mandatory. Students have busy lives. They go to school for seven hours and many of them have jobs and sports practice after school. When I was in high school, I often found myself scrambling to complete my homework before class while running on very little sleep. This way students can get more sleep which will make the school day more bearable.

I would also add more after school programs for those who have parents who work and can’t be home alone. This would be an opportunity for students to get extra and help if needed and do homework before practice. The after school program would be geared towards younger children. I also want schools to recognize students for working hard. There will be an honor roll breakfast at the end of each quarter. This will drive students to try harder and will get rewarded a delicious breakfast. In conclusion, I would like to make school more bearable for students so we as a community will have less drop outs, and more success than failure.

I would also like the make schools safer. Safety will help kids feel more comfortable in school and parents worry less. I plan on doing this by raising the taxes a for a year and doing fundraisers to purchase items such as bullet proof glass. Recently there have been several school shootings across the country and it is necessary to keep our children safe. Another thing to keep children safe is to go over the safety protocols once a month. If someone breaks into the school armed or a fire gets inflamed, the children will not panic, but remember what they practiced.

My second duty as your mayor would be to make this community more like a family. We all suffer through tough times and it is important for everyone in the community to be there for one another. Before each major holiday, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, the weekend before we will all come together and celebrate. I will host celebrations in the park and everyone can bring a dish if they choose to come. These little celebrations will help citizens meet possible new best friends and help everyone in the community get a better understanding of each other.

This will help our community become more family friendly. For each holiday, we will also do toy/food drives for those in need. There’s no better feeling than giving during the holidays. All in all, I would like to bring this community closer, and as mayor I know I would be able to.

My third duty of mayor would be addressing women’s centers. Throughout the nation, women are sexually violated. Women’s centers help women through these tough times. I also believe that as a community we should build a men’s shelter as well. Many men are sexually violated as well as women. One in every six women have been sexually assaulted, and one in thirty three men have been as well. One in every ten rape victims are male. Lastly, about every ninety-eight seconds an American is sexually assaulted.

This is an issue across the nation, as a community we need to be there for our neighbors and friends. If we have both women and men centers, more people in this community will be safer and more confident when they walk down the street. If a tragedy does happen, the victim will know that their community has their back.

You should entrust me with the responsibility of running this great town. I know if you gave me a chance that I would not disappoint. I sincerely hope you all consider voting for me as your town mayor.

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