If I Had Power

November 13, 2017
By CUlater753 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
CUlater753 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Let me start with a question, what would you do if you had power? If it were me, I would be a power for the people. Whether it be the workers, the teachers, the students or even the businesses. If you vote me the mayor of Waukesha County I can put that power to use for everyone. First I’ll start with the environment, we are lucky enough to be responsible for the Retzer nature preserve. A vast 450 acre plot of land dedicated to protecting wildlife as well as teaching our children about the natural world. In this day and age parks and preserves such as this are becoming more and more scarce. This is unacceptable! Vote me mayor and I assure you that our parks and preserves will remain for decades to come. I will push for increased funding and awareness of protecting important reserves such as this. We, as well as our children, must learn to appreciate and protect these irreplaceable pieces of land.

Speaking of children, they really are the future, a sapling growing into a tree of knowledge giving life to those around it. However, there lies an issue within their growth. While this is not true for all of our young saplings, we should leave none of them behind. For years our school system has improved but this system is still flawed and change is slow. We must push changes if we want ALL of our children to have a real chance in our world of opportunity. Over the last few years schools have begun focusing on the individuality of the student, providing more choices and chances for each and every one of them to reach for what they do best. This is a step in the right direction, but unfortunately it is not yet enough. There are still children who struggle with concepts like math, literature, and history. These are subjects required in order to progress onto higher education no matter the career they plan for themselves. This needs to change, we must push for more school funding not to benefit the school but the students and the teachers. Money that could be used to hire tutors that not every struggling student can afford, or increase teachers salary to increase their drive to raise their students to their limits and help them gain understanding of the knowledge they’re taught.

And once we, together, improve this system, I will turn my head to all. Not just to the students, but to all of you whether you have a job and a bright future, struggling to keep your family afloat, or living on the side of the road just trying to survive. Unemployment and poor career opportunities are a problem that cannot be shoved under the carpet for someone else to deal with but rather faced head on together now! I ensure you that I will push for greater opportunities for those of you that work day and night but still struggle by increasing benefits to those in dead end jobs such as schooling or chances for a new career. To those of you without jobs I will encourage businesses to reach out to you, to at least give you a chance to get back on your feet. I know this sounds like a difficult task and that's because it is, but if you support me I know that together we can make a true difference in our society.

And now my friends I must address a very serious topic. A topic that can affect each and every one of you whether you know it or not. You may have a good education, a well paying job or even a happy family but that does not make you invincible. We’re all at risk to damage to our bodies and mental health no matter who we are, this is inevitable. Which is why you should not have to give up your life savings if you or a family member become sick with cancer or require and expensive surgery for an accident you didn’t cause. I understand that health care is a very serious and complicated topic that does not have a one size fits all solution. As mayor I will push to find a better system that will benefit you no matter who you are, what you do, or what you have. A system built of different sub systems that can tailor to many different people. Because it’s wrong for you to suffer when you’re met with the inevitable.

Individually we are small, almost insignificant, but together we have more strength than you could ever imagine. However, there will still be those who think nothing of what i’ve said. So I look to you, the individuals that are all just trying to survive, to talk to these people, make them see the truth and invite them to join us on the path to prosperity. We MUST forget our differences and work together to find an answer to the problems plaguing so many of us and make the world a better, safer place for everyone.

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This piece is meant to be written as a campaign speech

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