Mayor With a Plan

November 14, 2017
By Anonymous

To the Citizens of Waukesha County,

As part of the 2018 referendum, Waukesha will be undergoing clement changes in order to make our everyday lives less stressful and more successful. As your newly elected mayor, I have some things I’d like to focus my term on  including the following: increasing budget expenditures opioid overdosing/drug using, sheltering the homeless, and building more women’s shelters across Waukesha County.

Leading epidemic in Waukesha County
Problem-Selling/Using heroine in the result of overdoses/deaths,and lack knowledge and help for the subject.
Solution- Help those around us by:
Arresting those who sell
Rehabilitating those who use(3 month min-no exceptions)
Offering pill drops and needle drives(if people want to continue using, at least we know that we provided clean needles so that their are no dirty needles being used, as well as a heroine overdose tool to use incase someone is suffering from an overdose at that moment.
Raising awareness at public events, workplaces, and especially schools-giving them safety kits as well, so that they know how to administer the tool if they witness someone who is overdosing.

Waukesha County has 12 homeless organization centers,while the whole state has about 112. We need to expand these shelters throughout the more populated areas where we see more homeless.

Problem- There is a lack of housing for the homeless that are within Waukesha County.
Solution- Build suitable homeless shelter, safe havens, and transitional houses for those who either cannot afford to live anywhere because of lack of employment, or those who simply don’t have homes for miscellaneous reasons.

We need to seek out the homeless within the community.
Evaluate them in a medical facility and maintain their health.
We should place them in a room within a shelter temporarily(3-6 months depending on the severity of their situation).
Give them resources and guides in order to obtain a stable mean of employment. Let he/she become accustom to working and find grounds with their finances.
Finally, we should help the homeless find homes outside of the shelters and continue on the right path so that Waukesha County can reduce its homeless rate.

Providing health and Planned Parenthood for teens and women throughout Waukesha County.
Waukesha lacks low cost health such as, Planned Parenthood.
Problem- Waukesha currently only has one Planned Parenthood building located at 426 W Main St, Waukesha, WI 53186.
Solution- Waukesha County needs to somehow come together and offer more low health cost opportunities for teens and women by creating more Planned Parenthood centers.
Give women the option to go to a gynecologist for a low cost-if not a free cost if they cannot afford it on their own.
Allow women to seek the help out with the open choice to do so.
Give women the ability to walk into a clinic and receive check ups related to their pregnancy, or acquire birth control covered by the state.

Make more buildings throughout the county so that people don’t need to travel out of their way to receive help.

Thank you for electing me as Mayor. Together as a County, we can create mass changes and make Waukesha a better place to live in. This can all begin with the stopping of drug use, making shelters to support our friends, and offering our women and teens more opportunities within life by creating more Planned Parenthoods. 2018 is another chance for us to improve and prosper.


Thank you for being a part of our community,
Mayor of Waukesha County

The author's comments:

This piece is about the potential changes Waukesha can make to improve its city, if I were Mayor.

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