If I Were Mayor

November 14, 2017
By NatinDaGreat GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
NatinDaGreat GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I have always heard my parents griping about a representative or leader in our country. It seems like they refuse to give positive criticism on their subject of conversation. The majority of politicians in this era are caught up in getting re-elected and pleasing their supporters and not necessarily doing what is right for their municipality, or even their country. I plan to change that with my policies as mayor and use my influence to educate the youth, keep them out of trouble, and maintain impeccable health through the city.

First, I want to deal with education in my city. I believe that it is important for kids to get the best education possible and be well rounded in as many subjects as they can. I would push for the citizens to support school referendums to improve school facilities and staff. I would publicly support the referendum and speak about it, urging the community to do what is necessary to create a better future for their children. The better facilities and staff that are available to the kids, the more they can learn and be prepared for the real world and college. I also believe that schools should have programs in high school, similar to college, where you get on a path that makes you more ready for your career. I would get rid of the core class system and when you enter high school, you get on a path that will prepare you for your potential major. The more career ready students are, the more success they will have in life.

Second, entertainment for the kids is important because the more time a kid spends participating in an activity that they enjoy, the less time they spend getting involved in detrimental activities. I also believe it is important for the community to be entertained by festivals and sports. I want there to be sport leagues for kids and adults as well as a Fourth of July Party with a cookout for everyone in the town. Halloween shall be a town wide celebration with limited traffic through subdivisions to ensure safety for kids, glow sticks will also be provided for free through the town DPW.

Finally, community well being is of utmost importance. This includes health, water, safety, and prevention of drug and alcohol use. We will have monthly water tests for the town to assure safe drinking water for everyone and the police and fire departments will be well-funded. I will make sure that they get the equipment they need to do their job effectively and maintain control of any situation they encounter. For preventing drug and alcohol use, there will be anonymous meetings for adults and teens who feel they need help with group therapy, as well as incentives to do other activities. Teens will not be charged for use if they come forward and ask for help, the goal is to make them feel comfortable getting help and not scare them away from it.

I hope to please everyone in the town with my preferred policies. Although it is impossible to make everyone happy, I will try my best to get as close to everyone as humanly possible. Safety of the citizens is my utmost concern, followed by education and the ability to produce as many well-rounded individuals that will be prepared for careers.

The author's comments:

I had to write this article for a class, but it was a chance to let my personal views out on what I would do if I was the local mayor.

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