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November 13, 2017
By Periphery24 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Periphery24 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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We are fortunate to live in Waukesha County, where celebrations are abundant, the police and fire departments do their jobs well, and where parks are occupied with children. This, however, should not be the main focus of our attention. There are still issues out there lurking in the dark corners behind buildings and even on our commute to work. We cannot let these issues slip through our fingers like a stick of warm butter. That’s why when I become Mayor of Waukesha County, I will focus my attention on the prevention of drugs and on fixing the roads we drive on.

According to blvdcenters, Iran is the most drug addicted country in the world with Heroin addicts at 14.32% per capita (Blvdcenters, 2016). While that may be the case, we also have a major drug problem in our own backyard. Teenagers are the foremost victims of these drug trades, which leads to poor grades and potentially a low graduation rate. I encourage you to ask yourself how you would feel if this applied to your child. There are precautions we can take, such as frequent drug tests at schools and regulations on pain killers. If these teens have tested positive, they will be placed into rehabilitation programs in an attempt to get these children back on the right track. Another thing I am planning to do is increase drug awareness in schools by creating mandatory classes with guest speakers telling the teens about how drugs can ruin their lives. I am also planning to increase the amount of police force so as to capture the drug dealers and decrease the supply of drugs to these teens. If we crack down on drug prevention, we can make sure our children grow up with good morals and with the intention to do good with their lives.

I, for one, am always disappointed with how long road work takes. They can spend two weeks on a single off ramp, which makes our lives just that much more difficult. I plan to increase the budget for road work so the roads can be nice and smooth for the people that have to drive them every day but also get finished in a respectable time. I propose we start with the on and off ramps and get those out of the way first so we can then move onto the actual highways. The reason I plan to do the highways second is because workers can redo one lane at a time and people can still drive on the roads. I also plan to create more jobs regarding road repair because that way there will be more people working on the roads and they will get done faster.

I promise that when I become mayor, drugs will be a minor issue and roads will be much more pleasant to drive on. If we as a community put our minds together we can grab these problems by the pants like a football player catching a touchdown pass. I encourage you to vote for me as mayor of waukesha county. Let’s put the unity, in community.

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