If I Were Mayor

November 13, 2017
By ramennoodle GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
ramennoodle GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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If I were the Mayor of my town, Ripon, Wisconsin, I would fix our town's problems. The way I see it, things need to change, so we can better our community. There are four main areas I would like to put my time and energy into see the results as soon as possible. I would like to focus on the improvements of community like, entertainment, hunting, parks, and homeless shelters. These are only some of the reasons why you should vote for me.

Focusing on entertainment, I would add holiday parades by having schools set it up and create different kinds of floats because I think it is important for younger generations to have a better knowledge of holidays, like what the holiday is about and how people celebrate it. I will add this because it is easier for them to learn when it is fun for them. I would also like to add concerts for the older kids, to keep them away from drugs, and to make sure they have a fun lifestyle.

For hunting, I would have any kids who would like to hunt, take a hunter’s safety class. I would add an elective in high school for any teens who would like to learn about hunting, like techniques, different animals, different bows or guns, and how to hunt safely. This would likely create more hunters so I would buy public hunting land for all the professional and newbie hunters. I think incorporating hunting into people's lives is helpful because it is great for people who may not have a steady flow of money to buy food, they can shoot their meals instead! It is also helpful because it is a fantastic extracurricular activity for people are interested and eligible.

For parks, I would add more in towns, by neighborhoods, and by landmarks. I would do this by holding fundraisers to help pay for the construction by a local construction crew. By creating these parks, it is a fun place to have fun with your kids, especially because the population keeps growing! Parks would also be nice for teens to have a safe hangout spot, and not get into bad things. When I was a kid I never got to go to the park very often but when I did go I would be jumping with joy. That is why parks would be great to have in many places!

For homeless shelters, I would hold more fundraisers to get money so we can construct large facilities for these people with no homes or family. I want to build these shelters so the homeless don’t have to sleep in the rain or nasty weather and so they can have a fresh meal to eat. Everyone has basic needs and we can’t ignore these people just because we don’t know them. Put yourself in their shoes, no food, no water, no shelter. Not a pleasant way to live and no one chooses to live that type of life.

I think these are the changes people are looking for as they will benefit almost everyone in some way. Although these are not the only problems I would like to help with, I can’t do this on my own. I need help and support from any volunteers that will help with fundraising and volunteers to help with the homeless shelter. Also my ideas are not the only ones, please if you want anything changed or fixed, contact me and we can discuss the options that are available.

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