If I Were Mayor

November 13, 2017
By Alexkicks8 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Alexkicks8 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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November, 7, 2017

I have been your local mayor here in Aspen, Colorado, for the past year now. In my first year as mayor, I have achieved an upgraded fire and police force. We have brought down are crime rates 6.8% and are almost to none. We have cut down on drugs and have also increase our school systems to give students the best education possible.

I would like to go over some key ideas of what to look forward to seeing from your local government and what to expect the next few months.

We have the most beautiful place in the country and we would like to keep it that way. This winter we will be are going to keep our natural parks and ski hills as clean as possible. The majority of your public service will be devoted to cleaning and help maintain our national park that is what is keeping are small town's economy going. We are trying to keep are small part of the world clean, no one wants to go to a dirty town. Please do your parts as citizens of our precious town and try and keep our parks clean.

Another thing that will be happening is we will have slightly higher taxes due to the new alternate energy sources that we will be using. We will now be placing wind and solar panels as just another way to keep our environment a better place. We will put these in non populated areas on the top of the ski hills so that we can have very little impact on your everyday lives.    

I want to keep the environment here for ourselves and our guests. We want to have a efficient town and be able to keep are carbon footprint to a minimum. Try and use your car minimally to keep a good air quality here. Also, please use your electricity in your house as little as possible so that we can be an efficient town and do are part to help out the environment. We will try and monitor the electricity use this season and try to improve every season continuing.   

As the start of the season we will need to do some roadwork in our town. We will try and do this quickly using new advanced technology and keep the amount of roads closed to a minimum. We need to welcome our upcoming visitors to nice roads and be able to have them be as happy as they possibly can be. The roads will be made as fast as possible and we will have alternative routes for you to take to get to your destination. We will start the road work on the 10th of November and be done before the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

We want to have are best year yet of tourism this year. Tourism makes our town thrive off of business and markets and keeps the economy here going. We need to work on advertizing our community better and getting business to get their name out there. We will be trying to get a more broad audience here. We will try and get more then just skiers to tour here and get a more broad audience and look at if we can get people to come here for photography, city life, and other features that we can have to bring in more than just the skiing crowd and bring in more revenue to the local businesses.

These are just of the main focus is what we will be having in the upcoming months. We are hoping that you the people are able to attend and respond well to these upcoming changes in our town. These are things that will make our town thrive and give us the best winter this town has ever seen.

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