If I Were Mayor of My Town

November 10, 2017
By Sharkattackforever BRONZE, Long Beach, California
Sharkattackforever BRONZE, Long Beach, California
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If I were mayor of my town, I would put more interest and focus on repairing the streets, creating a cleaner environment by minimizing the amount of litter and making more shelters for the homeless.

I live in an urban, impacted and busy city.  The poorer neighborhoods tend to have limited spacing on streets, which often times are in need of repairs.  Potholes, dips and uneven concrete make driving in Long Beach uncomfortable. When the streets and roads are not even, the tires get worn down from the harsh usage. It is also a safety concern, because potholes that are naturally created from vehicles over time, do not have a posted signage for its existence. This can shock and confuse drivers and give them a flat tire if they are not careful. The streets in Long Beach are heavily crowded with parked cars, parked trailers, one-lane streets and the stopping transit buses. Many of the streets near downtown, or up north contain one-lane streets, which makes traffic heavy in that area. The transit buses take up the right side lane when in route. This also causes unnecessary traffic. If I were mayor, I would incorporate a new plan for wider roads and streets to accompany the large population of the city of Long Beach. I would instill a plan for the repairing of streets in poorer areas of town.
Certain parts of Long Beach contain an unfriendly smell. The reason for this is because litter is prevalent in my city.  Trash cans are located at every direction, yet the locals and tourists seem to forget about them. The incessant amount of litter ruins the beauty of the city and causes litter to congregate on our beaches and in our ocean. If I were mayor, I would make stricter laws on litter and recycling. People who litter will pay for their crime against the city's beauty. I would also set up a plan to place recycle bins next to every trash can.

Long Beach is not the richest city in the area. There is a high a number of homeless people in my city. Homeless people usually live in downtown or in the streets of poor neighborhoods. The homeless shelters typically cater towards children and women. They are not a sustainable place to live for homeless people.  The police kick homeless people out of their encampments, but they have nowhere else to go. I agree homeless people make the city of Long Beach look less desirable, but they are apart of our city and they need help.  If I were mayor of my town, I would make it mandatory for high school students to volunteer at a homeless shelter. This way the city of Long Beach can run a homeless shelter without the added costs of employee salaries. High school students can also teach some of the homeless people the skills and knowledge they have learned or are currently learning.  The homeless shelter will provide the basic needs of the homeless people to get them started to live independently.

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