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November 10, 2017
By gieslak12 GOLD, Delafield, Wisconsin
gieslak12 GOLD, Delafield, Wisconsin
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If were Mayor of Delafield, WI…

My name is Jack C. and I am running for Mayor of Delafield, WI. I have grown up in this city and I absolutely love every part of it. From the Mom and Pop businesses to the large corporate businesses like Hendricks co., I have nothing but love and compassion for this city.

My campaign platform is composed of three large focuses. First, I would like to focus on improving the schools and education. Second, I want to increase our city’s public relations and marketing, and lastly, I want citizens of Delafield to embrace the public parks.

The schools, although already at the top in education, have one place where they can improve: school lunches. I know that a portion of students bring bag lunches, but there is a larger portion that eats the school's hot lunch daily. I speak from experience when I say that the lunches are far from fine cuisine. The lunches fulfill the national health requirement but are less than delicious. First we should start with better options—not just a chicken patty on a bun but a half of a grilled chicken breast. This is only one of many examples of sub par cuisine. Another example would be the fruits and vegetables, they lack the vibrant and delicious colors of fresh produce. These vegetables are commonly canned goods that are purchased from large supply companies that don't take nutrition totally into play. I would like to begin the improvement of these lunches in the elementary schools. By influencing the superintendent to start these changes after learning about the other possible options.  It is important that our children are properly fed to ensure peak health and growth. Forming a strong foundation for growth moving into adulthood. It is necessary to improve these meals because with out healthier options kids are forced to eat these subpar meals dropping their nutritional intake. As far as cost goes, we can use the money we already have invested in our school lunches for more delicious options, the one difference is the prices for the lunches themselves will go up slightly to pay the wages of the cooks. To earn these higher wages the cooking staff must invest more time into food preparation, increasing it from one to two hours to more like three to four. These small increases in price will be very worth it, kids will have healthier options for to choose from.

Public relations and marketing is my second main point. Even though I believe Delafield is the best place to create a life and raise a family, not everyone knows this. I would like to let the rest of the state to know about our wonderful city. Doing this will attract other residents, business and opportunities. I will increase our marketing by advertising our amazing components including restaurants, the lakes around our town, the public parks and the stores and shops that we have. By creating commercials and putting up billboards along the highway. Showing people the great way of life that is Delafield.

Our public are fascinating blessed enough to have two in our area, Nagawaukee and Lapham peak. I plan to put on events at each park to provide safe and positive activities for our youth. Some of these events would include movie nights in the parks, mountain bike races, kayak rentals and paddle board rentals and many more. All though some of these events are already happening we are reinventing them with our all new staff. All these events would be hosted by a new park staff for kids of all ages as well as their parents. Providing a positive and safe environment for kids to enjoy on the weekends. These staff members will be full time park rangers as well as teenage volunteers/employees. This reinvention will bring a breath of fresh air into our park systems. Creating life and fun times throughout the year.

As mayor I would improve the school's lunch programs, the public relations and marketing, and finally using the public parks to our full advantage. I hope that you vote for me and allow me to improve our beautiful little community.

The author's comments:

I am running for mayor of my home town and trying to show its beauty and share with everyone why i think its so great.

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