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November 10, 2017
By apb13 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
apb13 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Three hundred ninety-six thousand four hundred eighty-eight. Three hundred ninety-six thousand four hundred eighty-eight citizens of Waukesha County—with separate families, goals, and successes. I’m standing before you today to show you why I should be the mayor of Waukesha County for the next four years.

Three hundred ninety-six thousand four hundred eighty-eight citizens with brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, and aunts and uncles. On average, two people die each year in Wisconsin from drug overdose. As the third largest county in Wisconsin, we have the ability to begin reform. We can think that we understand the effects of drug use, but those who have witnessed first hand a loved one die from overdose or struggle with addiction are much more aware of the trauma this entails. For this reason, we should work towards the awareness of where these loved ones get the drugs, symptoms of being on them, and what we can do to prevent this.

I believe it would be beneficial for the county of Waukesha to have several volunteers travel around to schools in the area and tell their stories. Specifically high school aged kids will be targeted with these discussions. As the volunteers make their way to schools for presentations, the school provides a setting where the children are required to listen. In addition, parents will be encouraged and given the opportunity to listen in at these presentations. Together, the effects of drugs on not only the user but also those around will be presented directly to those who are mostly likely to come into contact with drugs—high schoolers.

As our community becomes more aware of these issues, word of mouth is likely to influence surrounding communities and persuading them to do the same for prevention. As more communities take on this task, the total deaths by drug overdose in Wisconsin will ideally dwindle to zero. Instead, we could be ranked, rather, on our successes of drug prevention.

Three hundred ninety-six thousand four hundred eighty-eight citizens that should come together and unite. Classic American activities such as barbeques and baking are things we could come together as a community to do. We could have barbecue potlucks in parks such as Nashotah Park or other Waukesha County parks on a rotating basis. Here would could enjoy great food while learning more about each other. These could be scheduled for the first Saturday of each month.

During winter months, we could gather in parks with building rentals such as Fox Brook Park. Here we could bring crockpot dishes rather than grilling in the cold. Flyers could be posted in grocery stores around the county to promote these community get togethers. We all have a unique family history that others would likely find special. These opportunities for understanding more about each other may result in friendships.

Along with county barbecues, we could hold bake sales to fundraise for organizations of each town’s choice. An activity ranked as a classic American activity is baking. This could be done with family members, neighbors, or friends. By working with others, we will establish closer relationships while baking for a cause. Bake sales are often found to be quite successful in school settings, so why not take it to the county? Bake sales could be hosted in town halls each month where volunteers would help price and sell the items that other volunteers baked. This activity could be held on the third Saturday of each month and will unite our country by insisting that we share recipes and communicate while enjoying pleasant desserts. The funds raised from these sales could go to the town’s place of choice—providing that each town has a specific goal for improvement done by themselves.Examples include cancer research,  In addition to bake sales, other volunteer groups would be encouraged to be more active. Roadside clean up is often necessary along with providing clothing and other resources to the homeless as winter in Wisconsin presents a struggle for them.

Three hundred ninety-six thousand four hundred eighty-eight citizens with future grandchildren and great grandchildren. Our successors need a clean environment, too. Currently, recycling only occurs every other week in Waukesha County. However, if recycled products were collected weekly along with garbage, more people would recycle to make taking the bin to the end of their driveway worth it. Increasing the recycled goods would decrease the need to knock into natural resources. For example, recycled paper is often used to make other goods such as milk or orange juice cartons. This would decrease deforestation, allowing for a healthier environment in the future. Additionally, we could work on carpooling more.

There is currently a bus system that runs through Waukesha. By using the busing system or carpooling with others. Waukesha could begin making a difference in decreasing air pollution because every bit counts when preserving our atmosphere. Reducing the hydrocarbons released into the air in addition to recycling so that resources can be repurposed is a key component to preserving this environment and wonderful county for the future members of our families.

Three hundred ninety-six thousand four hundred eighty-eight citizens with a decision to make. I hope you decide to vote me as your mayor so that I can make these changes for the county of Waukesha.

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