If I Were Mayor

November 10, 2017
By kgymnast SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
kgymnast SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Thank you for electing me as the new mayor of Milwaukee County. I am so excited to create positive change throughout the county.

Milwaukee County needs to change. Together, I as your new mayor and you as the citizens will help with the homeless, improve road repair, and improve parks.

Homeless shelters. As the largest county in Wisconsin, Milwaukee is the third poorest city in America. According to Milwaukee Rescue Mission, almost one in three of our neighbors lives in poverty. Every night, at least 1,500 people spend their nights on Milwaukee’s streets. Many people are homeless because they have suddenly lost their job, have major medical issues, or even recently got divorced. People can't always control homelessness. It could happen to any of us or someone we love. This is why we need to help out. Even the slightest gesture—a meal, a bed, a coat—really can turn someone's life around. This is why I have implemented that schools do food and clothing drives quarterly each school year. Hopefully with this, we can decrease the amount of homeless people we have in the county of Milwaukee.

Roads. Milwaukee has many roads people drive on every single day. We need to make sure that all these roads are safe. A lot of times there are other priorities that force roads to take a backseat. We need to stop putting them on hold and we need to make them a priority. Fixing roads is a huge process, so to make it go faster, we need to hire more construction workers. That way there will be more people to work on the roads, in turn making the construction process quicker. Also, a lot of times when working on roads and ramps they are opened and closed periodically. This often creates confusion when people go to get on a certain ramp that is suddenly closed. We need to have more signs placed before the roads and ramps to notify people that they will need to go different way. Hopefully with this, we can speed up the process and make the roads safer for the citizens.

Parks. Milwaukee has more than 100 parks and recreational spots. We need to make sure we keep these parks clean and safe for citizens to utilize. I have required that schools take field trips to parks and recreational spots around the county. Once a school year, classrooms will take turns cleaning up our parks and making sure they are safe for everyone. Hopefully with this, we can make our parks and recreational spots cleaner and more safe for the citizens.

I hope that by helping the homeless, improving roads, and improving parks and recreational spots, we can change Milwaukee County and make it better for the citizens. Thank you for electing me mayor. I look forward to a great term.

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