If I Were Major

November 10, 2017
By JacobFriend SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
JacobFriend SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Looking back at the last four years of being major, I am proud seeing the improvement that has come with the change I have implemented. Throughout my term of being major, I have used the citizens input to better Pewaukee, Wisconsin. I am most proud of creating a drug prevention program for young adults, a system that helps maintain our wetlands and more entertainment to our town. I hope that when you look to vote for the next major you take my changes into account and make sure the future major has the same change in mind.

Make sure, the future major is going to up hold the drug prevention system I put in place to help stop the impending problem of teen drug use. My attention was first drawn to this problem at school. I looked deeper into this problem and realized that we were not the only town that struggles with drug usage in young adults. According to the University of Michigan, (2013 monitoring the future study) 36.4% of twelfth graders admitted to using marijuana in the last year. This was shocking to me. I started to solve this problem by looking at the drug prevention program that is currently in place. I saw that the program was very boring to teens making it very ineffective. A solution that we found was to bring in drug overdose survivors, to talk to the students of all high schools. They would tell the stories of drying and being maricully woken up again. This found to be more moving to the students because the detail that the stories are told scares the students and possibly knocks some sense into the students.

Secondly, I am proud of the improvements I made to the parks and wildlife in the town of Pewaukee. Before my term of being mayor, Pewaukee was losing wetland to commercial and residential users. Because of that, flooding was more common due to the lack of wetlands soaking of the runoff water. Also, the animals that lived in the wetlands were forced out of their homes. Knowing the terrible effects of wetland destruction, I composed a plan to help stop the destruction and attempt to reconstruct the destroyed. The first thing I did was put a ban on destroying wetland for construction of any kind. We as a town began to buy land that was wet lands for example Taylors Bay on Pewaukee lake, the town bought a total of 350 acres to conserve it for the future. In this attempt of conservation we have been able to preserve the wetlands in Taylors Bay for the last four years. I hope that the future major will have the same program in place to protect the same wetlands and even more.

In addition, looked at the entertainment that Pewaukee has to offer and what the residents want to do on their free time. Downtown Pewaukee is a place for residents and entertainment. The board and I decided that creating a more welcoming, attractive and enjoyable experience downtown would increase the popularity of the spot and entertainment. The Pewaukee beach was setup with a full stage and popular band playing. The people could listen to the band and enjoy the sunset over Pewaukee lake and enjoy the delicious food that is offered by the local businesses in downtown Pewaukee.

Hower, I love the town of Pewaukee and hope that in the future the town is maintained and improved Upon.. Make sure that the new major promises maintain the drug program, preserve the wetlands and improve upon the entertainment in the town.

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