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November 10, 2017
By writing1234 SILVER, Waukesha, Wisconsin
writing1234 SILVER, Waukesha, Wisconsin
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Most kids when they hear Mayor they think if the goverment  and how laws and legislations are carried out. But what most people do not know is how much I will do for the community you are in being the mayor consists of more than just laws and legislations. If I was the Mayor, I would add more entertainment, holiday celebrations, and parks.

I think that Waukesha, Wisconsin, holds entertainment inside buildings, but I would hold entertainment outside, so people can enjoy the outdoors. There are two main events that attract people to come to Waukesha The first one is the Waukesha County Fair which has rides, food, and music  and the second is the Wings over Waukesha which is a airplane show. One thing that I feel is important is having people from all sorts of city’s come to Waukesha and be interactive. I think that by other people coming will help the population grow. Things I would add are more car shows, dog shows, and some culture shows. By culture shows I mean like adding more than just Fiesta Waukesha, I mean by incorporating more than the Mexican culture adding like Italian, Hindi , Chinese, Russian, etc. By adding these things like this it can help Waukesha become a stronger and better community. They already host some entertainment, but adding more could never hurt, it will only benefit them.

The second things being more Holiday celebrations. In Hartland for Christmas, Hartland does the tree lighting, eating with Santa, and the Christmas Train. Hartland is a old community that is getting diversified slowly. Most things in Hartland are older and have smaller family owned  businesses. While in Waukesha, there is all mixes of community’s. All of Waukesha has more of a “melting pot.” Waukesha has more bigger companies and a bigger metropolis Both of these places hold holiday events, but they are more popular in Hartland then Waukesha. In Waukesha they do a weekend of Christmas things like taking a Holiday stroll and pictures with Santa. This weekend in my opinion needs to be spaced out. Many people don’t have time to just do everything in one weekend. At least in Hartland it is all spaced out people can join and not feel like everything is crowded in one weekend. I would make it a goal to have a events each month to get people to come out to ones that they can attend, by having these events spaced out it makes it more flexible for people to fit into their schedules, by this it could help the attendance rate for events like this go up.

I would add a Christmas light show and a  Christmas parade.I will try to raise money for that these events are fully funded.  If I were mayor I would have more things spaced out and add more events like during Easter, a easter egg hunt, and pictures with the bunny. I think that these things help people stay outside.. This will help Waukesha get more people to come to attractions because the more people that come the higher chance of more people talk about it. Increasing more and more people to join. Another benefit would be, the more people the more fun, the more activities that can occur, and the more chance other people could make new friends or see their old friends and go catch up.

Lastly, the parks.  I think creating or building more outdoor parks can help as well. Getting people outside is such an important thing because people spend their days inside on their phones or watching tv due to technology being so popular and it rapidly increasing everyday. I think that if go on what Hartland, the older, smaller city, did this by adding a Splash Pad to the park it will help get more kids off of their phones and outdoors to have some fun in the water. Many people enjoy Country Springs, which is indoors, but if you make a Splash Pad it helps kids get outdoors! Also, in Delafield they have Lapham Peak which attracts many people.  I think that  if Waukesha added more trials to hike on more people would go their and even if they added an observatory on one of the trails it would help bring people in. Many kids go to Lapham for the observatory, so If Waukesha were to add one then it would attract people from all different ages.

Waukesha has so much space that it is possible for so many activities to occur on. It is full of places where there can be a parade, car show, easter egg hunt, splash pad, and all kinds of attractions that people can go to. I would hold fundraising activities, so that we as a community would be able to do things together and have fun doing them. If I were Mayor I would do everything I can to make sure everything is ran efficiently and successfully.

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