If I Were Mayor

November 10, 2017
By kcharlesc SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
kcharlesc SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The mayor is the backbone of the town, but unlike going to the chiropractor you do not want this back to crack under pressure. I can very confidently say that I do not crack under pressure, in fact the only time I even get nervous is when my mother is angry with me. In a hypothetical situation where I were to be elected mayor of the town, nothing would be able to hit me hard enough to throw me off of my game. I believe in a government that works for the common folk, and that is what I would work to achieve. There is no place in the world that I would rather live in, than my small town in southeastern Wisconsin, and the people who are situated here deserve nothing but the best.

Roads that are littered with potholes and bumps have proven to be dangerous. I had a tie rod snap when I hit a pothole with my car, and it jerked me to the side of the road, had I been going faster, or had there been other people around I could have been in a much more dangerous situation. And then comes winter time, which is always beautiful. The sunshine reflects so brightly off of the picturesque snow, snow that happens to be covering the entire road. Snow plow drivers will work throughout the night, attempting to make people's drives much safer, and still many roads are not cleared in time and the safety of citizens is put at risk. If I were given the chance to be mayor, I would move towards purchasing one or two more snow plows, in order to create a safer community.

I firmly believe that parks are one of the most important aspects of a community. Parks have many more impacts than children being able to play games, that many people do not realize. Parks promote community engagement, they have multiple economic benefits, and also promote public health. Community engagement is bringing people together to achieve specific goals, and in the process of creating parks, you often may see people working together to create a design, and then again when it is time to build and renovate spaces to create the park. And once the park is in place there are many opportunities for people to meet and interact. Parks also enhance property values, attract homebuyers and retirees, and increase municipal revenue. Another great aspect of parks is that they promote public health. Kids have the chance to run around and play games, many parks have walking or biking trails for adults. Parks provide direct contact with a clean environment, and nature which is always good for one’s well being. With all things considered, I believe it is evident why parks are a vital piece of a community, and if I were mayor I would work night and day to ensure that the parks in my city are well maintained, and the best that they can be.

In a perfect world, changes like these would not need to be made, but unfortunately this world is not perfect and my town has flaws. The thing is though, flaws can always be fixed, and with me in the position of mayor we wouldn’t need to hide these flaws under our sleeve anymore.

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