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November 10, 2017
By onelove19 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
onelove19 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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On November 3rd, the stage was filled with candidates of the 2030 election who were anticipating the final results. Their hearts raced as fast as hummingbird and their nerves increased. Finally, after much anticipation, the announcer named the new mayor. When he announced my name, I was immediately shocked and surprised at the results. I did not expect to win. Now Mayor of Waukesha, Wisconsin, one of my duties is to ensure the safety of all schools and to prevent drug use.

The safety of our schools is at risk. Over the years, there have been a large amount of tragedies. A number of those happened in schools. After the Columbine massacre, the world was changed forever. Not only did it change the world, but it also enforced the lockdown procedures in schools nationwide. Lockdown procedures are different in some schools. For example, at Arrowhead High School (the school I went to), the lockdown procedure requires students to turn off all electronic devices, turn off the lights in all classrooms, and to stay silent at all times. At other schools, their procedure includes hiding under tables or desks. These steps will make sure that all students are safe during the time of a crisis. The question is, will these procedures work in the time of an event?

As mayor, I will provide training for school administrators and staff to enforce the proper technique. Secondly, I will enforce monthly drills in schools to prepare students and staff for crisis situations. Lastly, there will be a seminar that educates staff to fend off a gunman if they are ever run into an intruder. I will work with all school administrators and government personnel to adjust the lockdown procedures in order to ensure the safety of all schools. Therefore, I will make sure that students feel safe in their schools.

The rates of drug use in Wisconsin is concerning. For example, it has one of the highest drug overdose mortality rates. The number of deaths has doubled since 1999, which was four per 100,000 people. The majority of those deaths are from prescription drug overdoses. In Wisconsin, the most commonly abused drugs is heroin and opioids. The death rate in Wisconsin is lower than average, but the numbers are still alarming. Because of drug use, many lives are impacted and relationships have been ripped apart. Not only does it affect lives, but it also affects their overall health. As mayor, I will provide parent workshops to help spread the warning signs of drug use. In addition, there will also be programs at schools discussing drugs and support groups for students. Lastly, there will be an assembly in schools to educate children about the harmful effects of drugs.

There needs to be more drug prevention programs to ensure that users get the help they need. To do this, I will donate money to fundraisers that aim to help those with their addiction.  In addition, there also needs to drug search procedures in public places. I will host monthly meetings with administrators to receive constant feedback addressing this issue. In the meetings, I will discuss what is currently working and what needs improvement. I will address this issue to the council and work with administrators to make sure that users can get help with overcoming their addiction. Therefore, I will make sure that there are more programs that will help drug users turn around their life.

As mayor of Waukesha, Wisconsin,  I will work to improve our city’s safety. Drugs have taken over our beautiful city and are affecting families. It is time to take control of this tragic epidemic and provide access to drug prevention facilities to those who need help. Our schools need support to educate students and staff about the dangers of drugs. As mayor, I will implement the resources necessary to keep it under control.

Nowadays, you can never be too prepared for a possible crisis. In addition, all students and staff in all grades, need monthly training sessions to defend themselves if they ever run into an intruder. Together as a community we will achieve more and make Waukesha a safer place to live. Thank you for electing me as mayor, I look forward to serving the city.

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