This Is Why We Don't Clone!

November 6, 2017
By Zodiac358 BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Zodiac358 BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
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Have you ever been told that you are one of a kind?

If so ,  good for you. But, think of it this way, how can you be that one of a kind especially when you have a clone? They'll end up taking over the world and who knows what else. People may be “ treated as second class citizens” thus making everybody think they’re better than the clones. Another reason is that we need a huge technological advancement if we want to produce these clones. We're getting close, I mean, they cloned a sheep! Cloning sounds crazy, in fact , ironic . We should stop that advancement so horrible things don't happen. And if you think I'm insane because of the whole “ take over the world” thing , think, anything is possible, possibilities are endless , and the word “ impossible “ look at it closely, it just says “ I'm possible”  we don't need copies , what we need is individuality, and singlism .

I know this sounds fake, but look in the movies, we become stupid and unaware of clones being evil and we say “oh we didn’t know!” But even if this is the real world, it could happen. Even though people say clones won’t be evil, we need to prepare just Incase . I feel like I’m breaking the fourth wall right now. Or is it the fifth wall? If we talk to a “audience” in real life….anyhoo, i think we shouldn’t clone. We should take advantage of the fact that we are different, and our DNA are different. We are unique. We are….weird...we are human.

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Do not clone!!!

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