If I Were Mayor of My Town...

October 25, 2017
By livimoore BRONZE, Gladstone, Missouri
livimoore BRONZE, Gladstone, Missouri
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If I were mayor of my town I would put sidewalks by every school in the district that is in the city I am the mayor in, figure out a way to hire more police and firemen, talk more about race and racism, and listen to the citizens.

I would put sidewalks by every school in the district so that the kids that have to walk to and from school every day could have a safe place to walk and there’s a lesser chance of them getting hit. The fact that there are not sidewalks by some schools has bothered me for a while. I actually got the ball rolling so a sidewalk could be put in by my old middle school so the walkers could be safer.

I would figure out a way to hire more policemen and firemen because we need them. Lately I’ve been hearing on the news that my city had to let a lot of them go because we couldn’t afford to have all of them. I would somehow figure out how to get most of, if not all of them back even if we had to reduce everyone’s pay just a little or if we could figure out a way to get more money to be able to pay them. We need them to keep us safe because some of our own citizens don’t care about our community, they think it’s okay to just kill or beat up each other just because they have their differences.

I would talk about racism because it’s always a topic to be discussed. I would talk about how much it’s going on and how we are in the 21st century and it needs to end. It will never be completely gone but for it to start going away, it’ll need to start somewhere and I would feel good as a person for making that start be in the city I was the mayor of. I know I was just saying we need cops to protect us, but some of them cops aren’t “good” cops. The ones that are killing people just because they know most likely they’ll get away with it because it was a black male wearing a hoodie with his hands in his pockets and he felt like his life was in “danger” need to have consequences just as much as any regular person would.  Finally, no one could be turned down for a role or position just because of the color of their skin.

Finally, I would listen to the citizens. I would listen to their concerns, to things they think need to be improved and to the poorer citizens to figure out ways I could help them a little more. Obviously I wouldn’t be able to fix everything everyone wanted but I would fix things I think are reasonable and things that are also affordable. My family has always been on the poor side, I never got to do as much or get as much as my friends had, so I personally know a few ways the mayor could help us. I would have more clothing drives, more food pantries, and where it would be cheaper for families to get things they need like toothpaste and in my house, we are always low on body wash and shampoo and conditioner so them too.

In conclusion, if I was the mayor of my town I would put sidewalks by schools, hire more policemen and firemen, talk more about race and racism, and listen to the citizens. If I do these things, I think that the community would improve a little bit in different ways.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this was my english teacher and my mom. My teacher inspired me becasue we are writing a narrative and we have to publish it and this was one of the webistes she game us and encouraged us to do the contests. My mom inspired me because her birthday is coming up and I wanted to d osomething for her even if it woud be late.

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