Problems with Electric Cars

October 23, 2017
By GriffinW BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
GriffinW BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
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Driverless cars are said to be the way of the future, but … they're too dangerous! First of all the hackability, cars are no longer just mechanical like they were originally. They evolved, to humans being assisted by computers, things such as cruise control and computer assisted power steering and a computer to tell how much you want them to accelerate. Then they evolved again to what they are today, to computers assisting humans. In all Tesla's today you can turn on “auto pilot” this is practically just a driverless car, it does everything for you. The next evolution will most likely be driver less cars. It sounds like a great idea, until you find out how the cars are driverless.

Most driverless car prototypes, like the Google Car,  use a camera that spins on top of the car and “looks” in 360 degree and tells a computer how must to speed up or slow down and how much to turn. This sound good but it's all code, and this code is coming from a super computer that is calculating everything but that means its going through the internet and anything that goes on the internet is hackable. But these cars are rolling computers. That means everything can be controlled.

There is one way to fix this problem, but it includes not having driverless cars for as long as we as people can't have full processing units in their cars. If the computer can be stored in the car than it is an amazing idea to have driverless cars, if not, than driverless cars should not exist.

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