If I Were Mayor of My Town

October 10, 2017
By naomitucker BRONZE, Austin, Texas
naomitucker BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Being in a power of position, lots of decisions are made under your authority and many changes can be made. If I were the mayor of Austin, Texas, I would fix the transportation issues, both public and private. Imagine having to dedicate an extra hour or more to sit in traffic, disrupting your day and taking longer to get anywhere. Not only is this frustrating, but also it is time consuming and hard to plan around. For the past four years, The City of Austin has tried to improve this issue by implementing the Mopac Improvement Project, which has caused disruption and proved expensive. Starting in late 2013, construction meant closing down 2-3 lanes and areas stretching 11 miles of Mopac Expressway throughout Austin. Although the original purpose was to alleviate traffic, closing down the main roadway that thousands of citizens use every day worsened the problem of traffic and continues to do so. Mopac was supposed to add Express Lanes, yet only one lane going North has been opened to date. Austin’s infrastructure was not designed to support a growing population. With over 150 people moving into the city each day, more innovative transportation systems are needed. If I were mayor, I would expedite the Mopac Improvement Project while also providing a new mode of public transportation. Austin currently maintains an adequate bus system. I would add more stations and make the stations more accessible to all citizens around the city. By adding more bus stations, more people would have a way to get around the city. Since Austin is so earth friendly, adding a mass transportation system would cut down on fossil fuels and the use of gas. Austin also has a train running along Mopac, so I would look with engineers to find a way to make a passenger train--similar to a subway system but above ground. These additions would not only alleviate the current traffic on Mopac but also offer the use of public transit rather than cars and provide a new and exciting mode of transportation for Austinites.

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on Oct. 12 2017 at 12:17 am
WritingAddict03 SILVER, Saint Peters , Missouri
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