New Flavor

October 3, 2017
By Anonymous

Skittle in all their glory but shouldn’t you make a new flavor. Here is why you should make a new skittle flavor Wrigley company, and who you would let design it.You should make a new skittle flavor, because children can only go so long before they get burnt out on a specificated flavor. Like skittles originals will always be a classic, but it all gets old after a while. That is why I think you should do a monthly flavor for skittles to see how each flavor goes. See and hear is the catch you should consider using schools around the U.S for flavor ideas, colors, and shapes.
Picture a school like our tiny school with so much pride. I have been imagining a flavor, color, and shape. Here is what I have come up with I dream about our school having a pineapple, tiger head, and bright yellow skittle. This could be something that could mass produced and would probably bring a nice amount of school funds. I would like for u to do this as soon as possible. Please take this letter into consideration, and make a new flavor.

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