If I Were Mayor of My Town

September 26, 2017
By RogueNoodle BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
RogueNoodle BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
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To become a mayor of a town, you must have certain attributes that qualify for the difficult job. One of them being able to persuade your town to pick up their phone or drive all the way to the polls and vote for you. Which can be really, and I mean REALLY, difficult. Voorhees alone houses more than twenty-five thousand people. It might look small compared to the population of New Jersey itself and then the country of United States of America, but being an older brother, I can tell you how hard it is to look after one kid. It’s difficult.

Everyone has different dreams for their town, or the country, but whoever person that may be, they all want to change something. We all learn, and that’s why we make mistakes. So, if a few presidents, (not naming names,) put the United States twenty trillion dollars in debt. It’s up to us to fix it. If you aren’t, then no one will. “Children, take up twenty percent of our growing population, but they are STILL, one hundred percent of our future,”- Prince Ea.

Although there is much good in our world, we still have problems. The more the problems, the less we are unified as a country or town. Soon this, craving to change will get to our heads and we will start arguing. And god forbid it leads up to violence.

But sadly, there are prime examples of this happening in our world, the shocking events of Charlottesville, Virginia. Racism now emerging from the depths and cracks of our country. But getting back onto the topic at hand. How does all this effect our state, our town, our world.

People can become influenced easily, or they can easily be forced (physically, and emotionally) into following or agreeing. Just as Hitler influenced the people of Germany and beyond his country that the Jewish community was the cause of the world’s problems, which of course they weren’t but people still followed him and his devilish scheme. Why? Because he was intimidating. The point I’m trying to make is that the people you love can turn on you because the world is NOT “unified.” We live in a world of crime, and injustice. Germany went down the same path as we could be doing so in the foreseeable future. So, if I were to become mayor of my town Voorhees NJ. And, if I were to change ONE thing, a town of almost thirty thousand people. I would communicate. All I want to do is to change the way this town makes a difference together, but at will.

I really think that just talking to one another can change everything. It’s so simple if you think clearly. But if you scramble it a little bit, the thoughts might just come together to make something new. You might just see the possibilities. If we can agree, make careful decisions. Think about the terrible things that take place here, crime, drugs, and people that couldn’t take the constant bullying and ended their suffering. Being mayor, you need to have a heart of stone. If I could show my town to talk, to change, we could stop bullying, and drug addiction. Even if fear is the only way to show someone the light. It’s worth the guilt. If we could share ideas, like this essay, we could live in peace. Why? Because ideas spread, no matter how small the soul. People can do it. Like MLK, and Ghandi. Many people say that you die twice, well I’m sorry to tell you that they got it all wrong, one- when you leave this world, two- the last time someone will say your name, three- when what you changed on this world dies out. That’s when you’re, gone. Being mayor, I don’t just want to carve my name in stone, I want to break beyond the stone. Because beyond there is darkness, a new frontier to explore. We were built to explore, when did we forget that when you are out there, alone, you’re gone, because you have disappeared, nobody will mention your name, nor will you change anything. You perish. That is why we need to communicate, to survive.
As I said in the beginning, being mayor requires many likable attributes and qualities. So, if I have this big dream to change something, how would I do it. Spreading ideas requires the need to talk, to say something.” I am a man of the people”, many people have said in the past. But now the world is modernizing, you are probably reading this on your laptop. So, if everything else modernized over the years, then I’m sure communication has found its ways. I think that the best was to spread word about ideas is talk to people personally, yeah, the TV works, but if someone is watching their favorite show, do you think they’re going to waste time thinking on who they “might” vote for. I think that if I make myself interesting, I can give people benefits if they could go and tell someone else about my idea. Schools are also a good way to start. Kids will share it with their parents, it could spread far. But I think the best way to communicate to a large amount of people is social media. People are always on their twitter. So, if they somehow come across advertisements, it could spread to maybe different states.

So, I’ve gone over the fact that being mayor of even the smallest town requires many responsibilities and I’ve told you that I think that better communication could better unify our town, or maybe the world. It was also likely that we could also fix some of the problems that we encounter every day or week. And I think that social media is the best way to spread my ideas. And you know what, I think the world is ready for new ideas.

The author's comments:

I hope this article will show that even through all of the problems and difficult times that there can be, if you talk about, maybe some good will come out. 

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