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September 25, 2017
By Mystical_Writer BRONZE, Evansville, Indiana
Mystical_Writer BRONZE, Evansville, Indiana
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Makeup, almost every woman buys and applies it. The glamorous colors and tones of eyeshadow, eyeliners, mascaras, concealers, lipsticks, glosses, blush and bronzers in the glowing light tend to grasp the attention of young girls to elderly women. While slowly easing their way down the makeup aisle. Commercials and magazines advertise these products at their best, causing the viewers to crave them even more, especially the ones who just run out, but why do women cake it on their face right when they purchase it? Makeup should enhance the beauty of women, not hide their faces.

Makeup should be used to intensify the beauty in women, instead of masking their looks because makeup worn lightly appears healthier. Face the reality, nearly everyone who wears heavy makeup has a clown face. Applying makeup can be an art, but painting on too much foundation along with other makeup can look unnatural and unevenness throughout the day. Also, dry skin and break outs can occur from this mess sitting on the face, so try a natural look. To achieve this, lightly apply browns, pinks or colors that will compliment the face’s skin tone.

This gives the skin a glow and fresh appeal. There are also makeup products designed for specific eye colors, so purchase them to draw special attention to dazzling eyes. Watching tutorials or reading magazine articles will instruct on applying makeup to seem natural, but if makeup is unnecessary do not wear it. For some people makeup will just make their eyes natural loveliness look awkward and will block the true layers of skin tone.

Makeup worn naturally helps enhance the beauty of women by giving a healthier appeal. Heightening women’s beauty with makeup can boost their confidence, when not being masked. Supermodel and TV show host, Tyra Banks says, “I love the confidence makeup gives me.” Having a fresh look with or without makeup portrays beautiful skin. Friends and family will notice the beauty; they may compliment the attractive, natural skin. Women will feel prettier and more comfortable with the way the look, since everyone will admire or envy them.

They will also notice the makeup is enhancing their features instead of covering their face, since they are wearing it lightly. If there is a blemish on the face cover it with a little concealer that matches the skin tone to make it disappear, along with the worries. Putting on makeup boosts women’s self-esteem; they feel pretty doing the task, like a star. Makeup is fun and boosts the confidence of women when enhancing beauty.

The final reason makeup should be used to enhance good looks, instead of covering them up is because the natural look is more attractive. Around sixty-eight percent of women in the United States wear a full face of makeup. They must have the wrong idea about how they look because about seventy percent of men prefer the more natural look. Guys never could understand why women covered their beauty in a mirror for hours. They would rather look at lady’s true face, so do not spend all that time putting makeup on. Avoid wearing makeup if it is not needed because men think it is more attractive. A natural makeup look can help portray enhanced beauty in women. This causes skin to look healthier, boosts confidence and increases charm, so take off that mask and let true, natural beauty shine.

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