Rich People That Do Absolutely Nothing

August 2, 2017
All of you make me sick. How can you have all that money and not use it to help the common man or the community you originally come from? No, instead you send your children to some obsolete private school to wear some idiotic uniforms and learn the same crass hypocrisies that we learn here in public school.

You have 12 cars, but only drive one. And a mansion for what? You and your enormous ego? What exactly is your goal? To show people just how far you can stretch your dollars? To make the common peasant, such as myself, envy how lavish your lifestyle is? How much leisure time you get while the rest of us are out here working our fingers to the bone to make a crummy paycheck that barely covers rent?

Now, I'm not gonna sit here and act like being rich wouldn't be nice. It totally would! However, I'd actually do something useful with it. I'd be a funder of NASA. Give to St. Jude. I'd live in Haiti for years, just trying to help the natives. I'd buy my granny a house, and allow my mother to quit working before she turned 60. I'd give money to teachers that have inspired me over the years. I'd be a provider to anything and or anyone I could get my hands on.

Obviously, this doesn't include all rich people. Some are good citizens. And for that, I applaud you.

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