November 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Define naïve. Most people conjure up images of little blonde girl dancing around a may pole in glittery pink dresses. That’s what I used to think too. Everyone is a bit naïve, its part of our nature. As we age, this tendency changes and evolves, but never completely disappears. It’s always there, waiting to strike when we are most vulnerable. For example, most teenage girls are automatically swept off their feet as soon as a guy starts to act like he cares about them. However, as soon as he neglects to call, that façade of perfection is washed away and is replaced but the realization that things don’t usually work out like fairy tales. People always want to think the best about people, but is that really a good idea? If you always think the best of people then when they do screw up, you will be at the least disappointed and at the most crushed. Last time I checked, both of those emotions were negative.
How do you think professional con artists make money? They prey on those naïve enough to believe that they have suddenly won the jackpot or some distant deceased relative decided to leave them money in their will. Rarely do these things happen, but often people believe them. If we as human beings were not as naïve, then we might find ourselves much happier people. Sure, that fluffy cloud that we have tangled ourselves that creates a hazy illusion of reality will be gone, but if you really think about it, who wants to go through life hazy?

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on Apr. 16 2009 at 1:07 am
YolandaSykes SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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WOW. I am so amazed. This is very deep and meaningful. I agree everyone is a little naieve....whether we want to admit it or not.


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