Books, What Happend?

June 5, 2017
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When I’m at school I see a group of students on their phones, a student hiding their phone under the desk so the teacher can’t see and students taking selfies and photos. If we could put our electronic devices down for a couple of hours while were in class, and use them at recess and lunch our generation would be a lot smarter and would communicate better.

If we give a child the right book they could fall in love with reading. Children these days have their faces stuck into one electronic device or another so why don’t we replace the screen with paper?

While our younger generation is great at using technology and being very tech savvy, our communication and reading skills could be a lot better. As a younger society we need to find a balance between being on and off the screens.

A new study shows that kids read for fun less and less as they get older, with 45% of 17-year-olds saying they read by choice only once or twice a year.

Research released from Common Sense Media shows that not only do reading rates decline as kids get older, but they've also dropped off significantly in the past 30 years. In 1984, 8% of 13-year-olds and 9% of 17-year-olds said they "never" or "hardly ever" read for pleasure. In 2014, that number had almost tripled, to 22% and 27%. Girls also tend to read more than boys, as 18% of boys say they read daily, while 30% of girls do.

Not only is reading declining but so is education. Kids always want to grow up and be adults but as they do grow up the more homework they have. Only about 19% of 17 year olds say homework comes before anything else.
A lot of students that I have talked to don’t like to read or some of them can’t, some people think that they “read” when they’re on their phones but our eyes are still staring at a blue light. Is it really that hard to put our electronics down and pick up a hard cover book?

In a study done in 2012 by the University of New South Wales face to face interactions have gone down a shocking 24% since 2004.

I myself am not excluded from this though sometimes I find it hard to turn off the electronics for a while.  
Myself and sixteen other people recently went on an outdoor Ed hike for three days and we weren’t allowed any electronics. I didn’t take my phone but some others tried to sneak theirs. One boy while we were walking took out his phone and started to listen to music. This just shows that some people can’t even put their phones down for three days and enjoy their surroundings. 

So why don’t we turn off the electronics and enjoy the natural world.

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