June 1, 2017
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The son of Peace and Power. His closest friends are Perfection, Purity, Strength, and Hope. At times, War despises Purity and Hope, casting them into the deep realm of Pain and Suffering. War is in love with Perfection. His best of all friends is Strength. War has no siblings, for his purpose was to be born from the faith and hope of others, and he would be a new Peace.

But his father, Power, didn’t want that. So he killed his mother, Peace, after War was born. Therefore, Peace could not teach her son how to bring peace to those of the world. Power took advantage of War and used him to take control. Power used his chances wisely. Power imprisoned Serenity, Purity, Faith, Love, Happiness, Kindness, and tortured Future.

War was selfish, angry, depressed, horrific, and terrifying because of his father. One day, War was having a good day, and he decided to have a chat with Hope. She explained that she knows a way to rid Power of his domination. War agreed to work with her, but only if peace was promised.

Together they plotted Power’s demise. When the time came, War stunned Power, and Hope finished him off. After the death of Power, War realized he must continue what his mother had done for so long to accomplish. War became Peace, with help from Hope and her friends. And peace was finally restored to the world.
Just remember, War comes from Peace, and Peace comes from War.

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