May 31, 2017
By TGrimm BRONZE, Grundy Center, Iowa
TGrimm BRONZE, Grundy Center, Iowa
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On a distant planet, far in the outer reaches of the galaxy, a race that once brought death and destruction had vanished. The cause of its disappearance, unknown. Unknown to all. Some say that it caused its own demise. The race, unknown to all as well, seemed to have destroyed their planet, and thus, themselves. They must have forgotten to care for their planet. Investigations show that the oceans were black, the atmosphere was scorching hot, ash was strewn across the land, charred carrcases littered the entirety of the planet, and everything was black and gray. Few signs of civilization have ever been discovered. A large rusted-over statue of what we think is the race’s species, the remnants of a giant clock, and a crumbled statue of what is thought to have been one of their gods, someone they loved and worshiped, or of one of their great leaders. Whatever they did, whoever they were, they caused their planet to become forever unsustainable to life.


The planet had become useless, worthless, and pointless to have floating around in empty space. So we destroyed it. Blew it into trillions of pieces. We now tell our children not to be them, not to let our race end up like theirs. Whoever they were. If you know your own history, even someone else’s history, you can prevent such things as death and destruction; they say this to us all the time.

Sometimes the question comes up: What if they couldn’t prevent their own destruction? What if some tried to stop it, but it was inevitable from the start? Well the truth is, death is always inevitable, but sometimes you can suspend death. But suspending death won’t stop it. Death is bound to come, and take you down into the depths.
Maybe their race tried to become a utopia. We all know those can never in all eternity work, right? Well, maybe their race thought it would work, and therefore fell into madness and that’s possibly what caused them to create their own demise. Utopian societies can never work, or at least, they won’t work for long. At some point, within a utopian society, someone or something will erupt from the crowds causing a utopian breakdown. We will always be a dystopia. Dystopia will forever be the society we hold, never will our kind fall down the flaming horror called, utopia.

But truth be told, one day, our kind will soon be destroyed. We will try our hardest to prevent our destruction, but we will never have the strength to stop it. Slowly but surely we are creating our own demise. I don’t know how, but we will one day go out with a bang just like them. But because of our preservation and higher intelligence, we will be able to preserve our history, technology, but sadly not ourselves. WE will be remembered, unlike those before us. Others will look at our civilization and think, “We should live our lives like they did.”

We will not be frowned upon, we will be looked up to. Others will teach their children about us, and how we managed to live our lives in prosperity, and reigned upon the universe with great power. We will make history, good history. Not bad, sad, and horrific history like others, but good, beautiful, looked up to.

Please, don’t end up like them. Don’t ruin our race with your utopian nonsense, don’t try to ruin our atmosphere, land, oceans. Please, I beg you, don’t be them. Don’t be the people from the unnamed planet. Make history, good history. Don’t let us fall into darkness and destruction, and buried in the past. Please, just please, allow our kind to flourish, not perish. We will one day, but let us be remembered. Please.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by reality. I wrote this based off of reality and what may possibly happen years from now. This is like a speech or a letter written by an alien race telling their own people not to end up like us, the human race. I really love this piece, one of my best so far. It really gets me thinking when I read this, and I hope it gets other readers thinking too when they read it.

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