Are Humans Inherently Competitive or Inherently Cooperative?

May 30, 2017
By alanabess321 BRONZE, Springfield, Massachusetts
alanabess321 BRONZE, Springfield, Massachusetts
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Americans want to achieve the best and in most cases they become competitive in their words, thoughts, and actions. While it is true that all Americans are different in these aspects the average person, especially in politics and sports, is competitive. The thrill of political candidates running for presidency or other positions results in Americans fighting for their beliefs and morals. When Americans believe that one matter is better than the other then competition occurs. This is because Americans want to win.

America has been built around the idea that there will always be a winner and a loser. Everybody wants to be the winner so they can look good and profit from the fame, money, and power. America, as a world-wide superpower, takes the leadership role and usually competes with other countries to gain power. This competition may result in a couple bloody wars but it makes other countries both fear us and respect us. Afterall, America is the land of the free with the long-lasting and infamous “American Dream”. This American Dream that everybody strives for is only possible through competition to be the best.

In Has America Become Too Competitive by Dr. Jim Taylor it states, “Competitiveness lies at the heart of what has driven our country to become the best on Earth at so many things”. Children in the U.S. are taught to individualize their work in school and to strive to a societal standard to be the best. I know that through my education at Minnechaug Regional High School, I have strived for good grades and I’ve taken rigorous courses to better challenge myself to one day be the best nurse for any child. This competition has enabled America to be the top providers of medicine and education, among other things as well (Taylor, Dr). To this day America has the highest competitive rate in the world (Marian Wilde)

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