Technology: The Core of Society

May 30, 2017
By Anonymous

Imagine you wake up in a world where numerous diseases are spreading like wildfire. A world with criminals breaking the law every square mile, police unable to collect information on crime scenes. Imagine discovering a natural disaster happened after it’s too late. Imagine living in a dysfunctional community with low education and only laborious-long hours. Imagine being unaware of the world around you, everything that is happening near and far. This is a world without technology.

Technology is a broad source that has brought us excitement and education, changed the way of working, and overall, changed society in many different ways. Technology is in everyone’s life: from smartphones to microwaves to machinery in a lab. In each and every way technology has changed the lives of the modern day family. There are drawbacks to technology however: cyberbullying, distraction, fire hazards, lack of socialization skills, and several miscommunications. Thousands of people face these drawbacks everyday and society is aware of them and always trying to improve them. Although, technology doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves, especially for the wondrous possibilities it has reached for us. Technology takes time to get to its top potential, and fixing these issues improve it. Without technology, society would not be as strong as it is today.

Back in the late 1600s, when the Salem Witch Trials existed, there was no sign of technology. To this day, technology has allowed numerous amounts of research and information to be processed into our minds and back then they did not have that same opportunity. With this lack of knowledge, thousands of men and women were killed under the accusation of witchcraft. If they had the technology like we do today, they would have been able to research possibilities, understand the difference between reality and belief, and most likely all lives would be saved. This leads to communication, where unlike today, you could not text or send a simple email, you had to either send a letter or physically travel to find the recipient. Someone across the world could get a message to someone in seconds today compared to weeks many years ago. If the outside area beyond Salem was able to easily communicate with the citizens of Salem, who knows how many lives could have been saved. Today, communication is cheaper, faster, and more efficient. Important types of communication are between doctors and their patients, government and the citizen, and companies and their clients. The fast communication allows the economy to stay at a reasonable level and cause no major issues in miscommunications, even though there still tends to be a lot of it, for example, people cannot sense emotions and tone of voice over a computer message, and therefore things can be taken the wrong way.

Technology is helping us discover more and more every day, especially in laboratory sciences. Medical equipment helps us survive, give us information that could aid us in our problems. It also helps us research and discover new diseases, create medication, observe a patient for an accurate reading and more. Scientists and their discoveries have grown dramatically over the past century as more and more technology has been invented and used. Without the technology we have in our medical studies, we may not have been able to discover the newly born diseases that appear everyday, and find cures to help the affected.

Computer science is one of the most popular and useful fields in the nation. According to  Barbara Encson, a Georgia Tech research scientist who also serves as director of Computing Outreach, “‘science has basically become the foundational skill that you’re going to need for any STEM field these days. You’re going to need some knowledge of what a computer can and cannot do’” (Kennedy). I went on a college tour to Marist college, and my tour guide said that anyone who was interested in Computer Sciences would most likely receive a full ride through as long as they stay with the major all four years. They said that the potential in computer sciences grows each and everyday, and what better is it to have a student to fulfill the potential. We are the “next generation” after all. Computers and other technology are growing everyday, and the more we understand it, the more we can use it.

As a massive technology user myself, I feel that it offers more opportunities to explore the world and discover new things everyday. The artificial intelligence that today’s technology has, for example, Siri on an iPhone, has evolved dramatically, surprising us every day with their abilities. Soon, artificial intelligence will be stronger than ever, allowing computers to supply us with every piece of information, even information we’ve never heard of before. This is how America is evolving. We are the leading factor to artificial intelligence, and as time goes on, the fullest potential of knowledge will be unlocked, and without technology and developing technology, we would not be able to reach this goal. According to several articles about artificial intelligence, systems would be able to improve communication, analyze and solve predictions, and resolve biases that live in our world today. Systems would also be able to talk to each other, and develop language programs to help communication between nationalities and so forth.  Yet would society really be better if these changes weren’t planning on happening?


These changes give us hope, hope for a new era, hope that the world can be better and that technology can give us the chance to reach the highest potential. Technology is evolving every day, and soon enough it can help us solve world wide issues physically, medically, and environmentally. Technology has evolved society and it doesn’t plan on stopping.

The author's comments:

I here many opinions about technoloy: good and bad. Technology has caused some social issues in the world, but it has many great qualities, and I wanted to write this piece to defend technology and show those qualities. Technology has evolved this society to an unreal level.

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