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May 18, 2017

Many people believe we have a purpose here on this Little Rock we call Earth. That we are all destined for greatness where ever our feet lie. That each and every one of us are meant to be something greater than what we already are. Well that's not true, we are all just a bunch of mentally challenged monkeys flying through space that have no idea what they are doing. We are nothing but a piece of the ground, we have no purpose, although we try to find one. The truth hurts when it's in your face, are you afraid of it? Think about it all, why are you here? What led you to be reading this? Isn't it peculiar on how we came to be, and how we act in today's society? From daily interactions, being offended/sensitive, education, jobs, and war.

Now I am not a fan of most people, they make me sick, every little thing they do makes me want to snap. We are insufferable, we are all so infatuated, we are so retarded. Everyone is so completely sure of what we are, but we have no definitive answer to anything, we are all coming up with the things we do on the fly. This leads me to the daily interactions of people, it is like we have completely forgotten how to treat others. We put ourselves first before others so we get the advantage, in today's world you must be on top of everyone else in order to survive. Everyone wants to win this game called life, because all the sudden life is not an experience that you can manipulate in any way, it is now a game to see who can make the most money. People are crude to others, at least in countries like the United States of America, where all the people take everything for granted, and never think twice about what they are doing because they have this idea that everything they do is perfect. Don't get me wrong, America is a great place to live, we mostly are really bad people though. People also need to learn about a thing called humor. I know that's something you do not hear a lot about, because everyone takes everything so serious and to the heart. Because if you go against or dislike someone else's beliefs and opinions then that means you're wrong and they hate you. They get offended like they have some kind of higher power then you, like everything they say is correct and if you try to correct them on their idiotic beliefs by actual evidence, they still deny it because they don't want to be wrong, you need to be able to laugh at yourself, lighten up Francis! Another problem in today's society, no one wants to be wrong. They always want to be right because they are afraid of being wrong when you shouldn't. Being wrong is amazing because it "resets" the mind by making it aware that you have messed up on what you were saying, that way you don't make those same mistakes in the future. But everyone is so afraid to be wrong that they stand up for stupid things. Like feminism, which I won't talk much about because everything they say is incorrect. Whether it be that women don't get paid the same amount as men, or get the same choices as men. This is 2017 ladies and gentlemen, there are women everywhere working in many positions in great jobs. What is funny to me is that these women are not the same as the ones who started the equal rights for women, they have basically thrown everything the precursors did in the trash and came up with their own idiotic beliefs. Religion is also a huge part to a lot of people's lives as well as being on top of others. Religion is an escape from reality, it is here to put a face on this unfamiliar universe. Because with religion, everything is explained as being made by god, or everything is related to god. That's because they don't want to think about it on a deeper level because they find it challenging so they came up with God or Jesus. God or Jesus being this almighty entity that gave his life so that we would not live in sin. Somehow this man stepped out through space and decided to make stuff, like suns, planets, and other things of that nature, and then die for it. I believe that the Bible is a really stretched out story that was told by a child's father so he could put the kid to sleep so he could have sexual intercourse with the girl he is cheating on his wife with. Personally, I think religion is huge waste of time. Here's a quick question if you are religious. Have you ever seen God or what you believe in? Maybe you think you have or maybe you think you heard him or felt him. Well that could very well be your nut sized brain playing tricks on itself. We play tricks on ourselves so much and we want believe so badly that there are people killing others due to their religion, doesn't that seem idiotic to you at all? No one has the right answer, why are there so many religions? Which one is the correct one? Answer that. 

My next point on society is education and jobs. Education can be valuable if used properly but we abusing it way too much. Everyday going to school is like someone punching you in the face as hard as they can. You wake up early, and feel sick because you didn't get enough sleep from the last night due to homework, you get ready slowly and slowly. There, now that you're ready, you go to a box in the middle of a city where the only time you get to go outside is when you leave. You sit in hard uncomfortable desk, with know it all jocks that think they are Jesus H. Christ, plus white trash gun toting hip gangster wannabes, all around you. Artificial lighting encompasses you and you look up to your only faith of succeeding in life, your teacher. Your teacher that is supposed to help you learn the material in a way that best suits your learning style. WRONG! YOU GOT IT WRONG BUDDY THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS! You sit there listening to all the stuff he/ she learned in school as they think of themselves as a depiction of god himself. They load assignments on assignments on assignments on assignments on assignments on assignments on assignments on assignments. Never explaining what is on them, they simply say "Figure it out stupid."  Annoying, right? You never get a break it is always work! If you don't understand it, too bad you lose the game and you have to start over. Now you get confused you feel like your life is spiraling downward and you feel lost so you get depressed, nothing excites you anymore, you get angry and you regret the decisions you made but it's not your fault. No, it's not your fault because you never had a choice anyway, what luck. So you stagger back home to the solitary refinement of your room to think your life through, then you commit to doing your homework until one in the morning. Then you wake up groggy and feeling sick and then you repeat what you did the day before, over and over. You will get stuck in this everlasting loop until you find a job, then that loop switches up at first but then you get tired of the repetition after a while and you get stuck in a life sucking job where you constantly put effort towards a goal that is not beneficial to the world, just in order to feed you and your family. Jobs take the ambition from people, it is very sad to be honest, but society is not here to be your friend, it wants you to fail. 

WAR! What pleasant topic to talk about, an activity where you kill people because they think differently to you. Sometimes it is beneficial though as it does solve some problems. But if we stopped fighting and used that money we spend on fighting to feed the poor then we would have a major reopening. If everyone got together and treated everyone like it were them, just in another life and helped each other it would repay itself over and over again. It is difficult to imagine, but we are all one consciousness, just one entity, love. The problem with that is we can't ever figure out how to do it because that is too expensive or people don't want to. Everything runs on money, don't ever think it doesn't. My main point here is drop the weapons and instead try to make a compromise, there is always another way to make love than to blow someone's head off with a 50. Cal. 

Being sixteen years of age, don't take anything I say too seriously because I'm a brain washed retarded kid that doesn't know any better. Even though I have only skimmed the surface on what is wrong with society I've said what I can in the time frame I have because this an assignment that was "designed" for me. Also, don't think, or do think that I believe I'm better than everyone else, because that's not the case. I am guilty of committing some of these actions. Remember that this is just a ride, you can choose to leave the ride or stay, but no matter what, the ride will soon end as nothing lasts forever. Also remember that you have to "Think for yourself and question authority." As Timothy Leary would say, if you don't know about this man, please research him, I've dedicated a lot of years reading about this awe-inspiring man. Thank you and have a good-day you monkey, goodbye cruel world! 

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