An Armed Nation

May 17, 2017

Imagine a United States with no weapons, no violence, just peace. What can we do to make this real? Gun Control, what else? Wrong. Gun control will bring up even more violence and illegal trade as attempts to get guns.

According to The Financial Word, “…countries such as Israel and Switzerland broadly permit home ownership and concealed carry of handguns, and they enjoy relatively low rates of homicide. The evidence for lower crime rates as a result of greater gun control is selective and far from conclusive.” In other words, The Financial Word believes that the world can work safely with guns and without gun control. I agree, guns are not just used for bad purposes, and a majority of the people who own guns are responsible and handle them properly.
For years my family has hunted, and the meat from game feeds my family. I know the meat also helps other families. One family can live off one deer for about a year if they have to. What would these families who depend on hunting do to get food?

In any case, the North Carolina Wildlife believes “interacting with and learning about nature, getting fresh air, and exercise, and the camaraderie of family and friends in the outdoors, all contribute to maintaining both mental and physical well being.” I agree with the North Carolina Wildlife that hunting helps a person’s body in many ways. It gets people in shape and clears people’s minds. When I am out in nature, I stay focused on every little detail, fresh air makes me feel alive and kick starts my body so I have clear thoughts and stealth during hunting.

According to the Navajocodetalkers, (a history website about war and weapons) “… they still use the animal they killed… or (it is) consumed by the family of the person who shot it. Depending on the animal, other parts are used as well…” I agree with the Navajocaodetalklers that hunters generally use whatever they can from the animal that they shoot. The rest, like the guts, are left in the woods for other animals to eat.

The Second Amendment states “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” We have the right to keep our arms in the need of a militia. I think that if something happens and we need to help our military, it is important that we have guns to help the troops in the case of a serious war. If another war like World War II happens, our country could be under attack, and if aren’t safe in our own homes, I know I will definitely help the military in any way that I can

  The Navajocodetalkers state, “Illegal guns are a huge trade and business in the U.S. Even if gun laws are made much more strict, these criminals would be able to obtain weapons.” I agree with the Navajocodetalkers that if gun control started becoming a very serious issue, people could still fight back and get guns with violence and illegal methods.

The Financial word states “stable and law abiding citizens should not should not have t welcome a greater danger for themselves or for their families in order to reduce danger for a minority of the population.” In other words, The Financial Word believes that innocent citizens should be allowed to have guns for protection. I also agree with this. According to the Financial Word, Great Britain banned guns, so now; criminals break into houses more often because they know the owner does not have a gun to protect themselves.

With gun control, guns are taken from innocent people. When guns are taken from the people, how do they protect themselves? How do they protect the family they love?

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