November 10, 2008
By Jonathan Abossedgh, New City, NY

Maybe one of the worst things to ever be exposed to man since the beginning of its existence. The biological weapon used by the white man to annihilate the late great Native Americans that lived across the west of the United States. The corner stone to the most dangerous things created on earth that we as man cultivated and expanded, empowered and developed into what makes other scream in fear.

The problem with disease is that we don't understand which one is the worst. Which disease is the most relevant, the one that needs to be eliminated? Until we finally realize that in order to get rid of disease is to get rid of ourselves.

Mankind is a disease and probably one of the worst. I mean what other disease can boast that it can't not only target other living species, but even other diseases like itself? What other disease can boast that it kills for the shear will of it and can say that it is part of its 'nature'? What other disease can say that it can spawn other diseases even greater that itself and sometimes even make itself immune to them'sometimes.

We as humans use our natural disease to strike fear into others like and unlike ourselves. We destroy the forests in our world which drive out the deer. We destroy our oceans which kill all of the fish. We pollute our air which suffocates all of the birds. We wage war on each other which just plain kills everything in a 150 mile radius. What is it that drives us to want to destroy everything that was here before and after our existence? What is it that makes us so evil? Could it be the will to expand? No defiantly cannot be that. Can it be the wanting for more power? No we already can obliterate our planet as it is and slowly we already are. Can it be that we just want more territory for our countries? No all of those things are just illusions a wanting to justify the fact that ever since we started processing our food and having other building our houses, we just had no place to release it. We could not let loose the will of the hunt, the wanting to kill something because it has a purpose to it; there is a reason for it. After a while it accumulates in us and makes us explode and in that instance even disease cannot stop us. Disease is dead and we have taken its place. We are the new reapers of death; we control the heavens and the hells and have destroyed all places of worship. Watch closely as soon we will lose the will to give a dam anymore and will destroy all that lives and breaths on our tainted earth, even ourselves.

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Miaoru said...
on Apr. 13 2009 at 4:58 pm
Miaoru, Sunnyside, New York
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Very deep! Good job!

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