Fifteen Is Better

April 13, 2017
By NaomiLadd SILVER, Cadiz , Kentucky
NaomiLadd SILVER, Cadiz , Kentucky
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Congratulations you’ve passed your driving test, now at the age 15 you can drive the car of your dreams. Don’t you wish it could be that way here in the state of Kentucky? Each state in United States establishes their own driving laws about the age limit when teens can begin driving, along with the rules and requirements. According to Kypri K Mccarthy a journalist of child and adolescent substance abuse. States that “Driving or riding with a teen becomes an important possible stage in adolescent development” along with explaining age “15-17 may be the most important development period between puberty and emerging adulthood.” On the other hand; First experiences can cause less parental supervision, and less control over social behavior, experiences, and opportunities. Risk taking is greatly increased        

Driving plays an important role in adulthood, because driving is all about responsibility. Some argue that it should stay the same for many reasons. One being that teens aren’t responsible enough. If the age limit was lowered it would help make teens more responsible, because this will be a skill used in their everyday activity. When you are still in high school independence on the road is very important. Lowering the driving age limit to 15 can be helpful in numerous transportation ways. It gives those in a small town suburban city where there is no public transportation, access to a vehicle. Even some of those at the age of 15 can possibly have mandatory places to be, involving sports, jobs, and after school events. A vehicle always comes in handy to make daily tasks easier for the entire family, whether it’s taking your little brother to soccer practice or even running an errand for your grandma. But having an older sibling leaves an open gateway to solve that issue.

There are reasons behind the desire to lower the legal driving age, but for teens fairness it becomes an issue. In all states there is three steps to get the full acceptance of a driver's license. Including the permit, Intermediate, and full license. If teens at the age 15 had their permit  it would be fair, and could be very well restricted with specific driving hours limited to so many a day, and even passenger restrictions along with rules and requirements, until it’s their time to receive their full driver's license. According to the Institute for highway safety 66% of teens say that they care about their parents’ opinion on cell phone use during driving. Along with additional 56% say that they rely on their parents to teach them how to drive. Those teens who can prove to be a safe driver and follow the rules should be able to practice their abilities on the road. This is a better opportunity that provides more practice for teens at an earlier age, so they can be ready for their adulthood years of driving. In a way this can possibly decrease future accidents.

A new insurance institute for highway safety reports that teenage driving have more accidents than any other age group. They also report that nine out of ten teens reported that it was common to see teens driving while talking on a cell phone. Passenger behavior that distracts the driver can increase the chance of an accident. This is why newly licensed drivers have restricted limits on so much they can do. Most accidents that involves teens is caused from speeding, distractions, cell phone use, no seat belt use, and substance abuse. These things highly increase the chance of an accident.

Allowing teens at the age 15 a privilege and a responsibility together that can be taken away just by taking the wrong turn is a great solution. This drives them into learning from their mistakes and pushes them to do better afterwards. Adults have accidents as well the same as teens. Adults tend to get really lazy after a long day and having to drive followed along with some that text and drive can cause accidents in addition. Accidents happen all around the world and it’s not just because states are allowing teens to drive at a younger age, it is because teens aren’t prepared enough for their adulthood years.

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