April 13, 2017
By Anonymous

Beauty, what is beautiful?
Beauty is the perfect hourglass shape,
Beauty is the women with the exquisite mask of colors to cover her imperfections.
Beauty is whatever the world has created to match the ideal image of a  perfect human being.


But beauty isn’t found in a tiny waist or in a bag of powdered colors of every shade of the rainbow. Beauty is what you love about yourself as a person, your characteristics that your loved ones love most about you.

Beauty is everything in its natural state. You can dye your hair, you can plaster that makeup on your face, take toxic chemicals to obtain that perfect shape. You can pursue the world's ideal image of what a women should be but in truth your beautiful just the way you are.

Forget all those brainwashing beliefs that have been told to you from a young age cause none of it is true. By changing your appearance your stepping down to everyone's expectations.

Who gives a damn of what others think? Beauty isn’t made in a lab, beauty is the body you were born with. Beauty is the unique character that looks before the mirror with no coverage from the toxicities the world has laid before us and forced you to accept as natural.

To accept yourself for who you are, you relinquish all the insecurities, you free your thoughts of all self-hate. When you stand before that mirror with your head held up high, you allow yourself that happiness you longed to obtain for so long.

If you deny yourself and force yourself through pain and scarring to live up to everyone’s expectations, you build your own prison, you drown yourself in desperation and depression.

Free yourself! Go outside, doesn’t matter where you are, go outside and scream loud and clear that you are beautiful and you won’t let anyone make you believe anything otherwise.

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