Animal Rights

April 7, 2017
By Azia_Loki BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
Azia_Loki BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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People don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed

 Each year about 5 million dogs and cats are put down in shelters (“Pet Statistics”) , along with 100 million animals that die due to animal testing, and deaths to humans due to passing a harmful product. Our earth is filled with animals, and we take them for granted. Animals feed us, give us companionship, work for us and yet humans still kill about 150,000,007,000 animals every year for our “needs.”  They are killed in slaughter houses, shelters, people's homes, and in laboratories. How many innocent animals need to die? Animal rights should be stronger because the drugs passed by animal testing could harm us humans and not the animals being tested on, animals are being put down for the convenience of humans not the heath of the animal, and dogs are being stereotyped based on their breed.

Animals could have a different reaction to the stuff being tested, and they could not be affected by a product that could harm us humans.  Though testing prescription drugs on animals to prevent harming humans is good, the drugs could have a different effect on animals than people. An example, from the article “Animal Testing Pro/Con,” when a certain 1950’s sleeping pill that was tested on animals and approved affected 10,000 pregnant mothers, it caused their babies to be born with deformities (“Animal”). Human bodies are different than animals, and the drugs have different effects on humans, so it does not make sense to test certain things on animals. In a study that was approved by animal testing was experimented by humans. 6 different people tested the drug to see exactly what effect it had on humans. Within minutes of receiving the drug all six subjects were on the ground in agony(“M.P.H”). All 6 went to the hospital and 1 of the men’s  head had swollen so bad that British tabloids called the trial “elephant man trial.” The drugs passed by animal testing could harm humans and not the animals being tested on, and vise versa. Causing harm or even death to humans, and animals.

In shelters, dogs are put down for food aggression, certain reactions to touching, certain reactions to body language, reactions to different noises, and bad reactions to other dogs and cats (“Gray”). These dogs can be young and healthy but still be euthanized if they have a wrong reaction to something. Humans have been putting animals down for their benefits and not the heath of the pet involved. Approximately 600 dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens are killed each hour in the U.S because we don't have enough homes for them (“No”). About 14,400 dogs and cats are killed each day. 2-3 million dogs and cats that are put down each year, and most are perfectly healthy animals. They are put down for the purpose of overpopulation. These animals are being put down for humans while most of them are 100% healthy.

Dogs in the U.S are being stereotyped based on their breed. In the article “Animal Stereotypes” it states that out of all the dogs put down every year 40% of those are pitbulls. About 2000-3000 pit bulls are put down each day based on their looks (“Animal”). This shows that the dogs that are bigger in size with an aggressive face are being judged base on their looks. The critics argue that pit bulls, rottweilers, and dobermans have an aggressive history, and eventually turn on their owners. However these dogs are not the most aggressive dog. In the article “10 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds” on a survey of dogs aggression level, the most aggressive are chihuahuas and dachshunds (“Brown”). This proves that based on the dogs appearance they are put down if they don't have cute faces, and a small bark. Dogs such as the pit bulls are stereotyped, and are put down daily because of it.

Animal rights should be stronger because drugs passed by animal testing might not act the way they are meant to, hundreds of healthy animals are put down daily, and dogs such as the pitbull are stereotyped based on their looks. To help less people and animals get injured/or killed humans need to take a stand for those animals who can’t. Humans need to stop putting animals down for reasons such as being in a shelter too long, and make an end to the stereotyping going on everywhere. This is why animal rights need to be stronger.


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The author's comments:

Ever since I was a kid my mom knew I was gonna have something to do with animals. I have always been kind to all animals, and want to have a career of it. This article is on my personal and factual belief on animal rights.

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