Snapchat: What Is Its Real Worth?

April 5, 2017
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Snapchat is a social media app that has been booming since its creation. Many teens and young adults use this face-cam app that sends pictures of yourself to your friends with ease. Additionally, Snapchat allows texting, face-cam calling, streaks, and the creation of self-made stories, or a series of “snaps”. On March 2nd, 2017, Snapchat went “public” with the company being worth an estimated $33 billion. However, many people are questioning this worth. I believe that the valued price is reasonable and that it will continue to grow for quite some time.

Currently, there are 150 million users of Snapchat every day and it will continue rising with the growing population. Though this app mainly appeals to the younger demographic, the teens and young adults persuade their friends and family to explore it. They send each other ludicrous faces with the plentiful of filters (i.e. face swap) available on the app. However, filtered faces is just one of the benefits, with the many other reasons to use the app.

One motive to partake in the internationally famous app is to stay in touch with friends or family you no longer visit. Personally, I have moved twice in my life, and there is a slim chance that I would stay in touch with many of the friends I do now if Snapchat ceased to exist. We snap often, and I even hold a gargantuan streak with a few of them. A streak signifies the amount of consecutive days that two people send a Snapchat to each other. Moreover, my brother left for college this year and is attending Rice University. I Snapchat him every day, as we currently hold a 200-day streak. We would never talk or text, but with the addition of Snapchat, we communicate by snapping every day.

Recently, Snapchat introduced Snapchat Spectacles. While appearing to wear sunglasses, this device can record videos in the viewpoint of your own eyes and automatically save them to Snapchat Memories, a feature that stores the snaps you choose to save. To use this device, all that needs to be done is to tap a button on the top left corner of the glasses, and it will automatically start recording for up to 30 seconds. In other words, the Spectacles seize the scenery of your own eyes’ perspective.

Discover is one of Snapchat’s most renovating idea. Few social networks go through the effort of adding professional content, but that’s exactly what Snapchat does. Discover includes updates from companies like ESPN, celebrities, such as the Kardashians, magazines like Vogue, and news from around the globe. Three to four years ago, I never watched or read the newscast, but today, I proceed daily. In fact, many teens in the world are relying on Snapchat for their news.

Snapchat is truly worth $33 billion, with its 150 million users, because of the many key advantages of the beloved app. For example, you can send snaps, with comical faces, to communicate with the people you used to know. Additionally, Snapchat captures the best moments of your life to reminisce years later. Finally, Snapchat helps users discover the world’s news. The incalculable literary and sentimental value of the social media app clearly demonstrates its worth.

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