An Argument Against Pure Subjectivity

April 1, 2017
By , Sidney, NE

With beliefs that are only justifiable through subjective arguments, there is a great possibility that conflict will arise from them. Beliefs that are justifiable by objective arguments are able to give a demonstration of verifiable proof, and they can eliminate conflict; however, this is only if both arguing parties are willing to come to a conclusion which is based upon empirical evidence. People who oppose objective thinkers do this out of their own subjective desires and their unwillingness to listen to rational argument. This can create massive conflicts which are nearly impossible to stop.

It is important to note that it is impossible for a person to think with pure subjectivity or pure objectivity, although there can be some methods of restraint. Some people who are relativists will completely hold subjective experience over objective proof, and this is the exact place where the issue occurs. When a person allows subjective experience and emotion to cloud their ability to think rationally, it can lead to incorrect conclusions and conflict with people who do not think the same way. If a person gives evidence which they have obtained through rational thought, it allows other people to examine the thought process. Subjective thought should only be the driving force by which we obtain evidence through objective thought.


Three scenarios can be given to demonstrate the argumentation of a pure subjective thinker and a pure objective thinker.


If two people are both thinking subjectively, and one of them opposes the argument of the other, then there is no basis for an objective discussion. So, the only option for either person is to get along or fight as a result of subjective impulse. Of course, the latter can lead to very serious issues.

If two people are both thinking objectively about a claim, then they would reach a conclusion through a discussion based upon available evidence to find the validity of the claim. As long as subjective though does not get in the way of civility, unnecessary conflict can be avoided

If one person is thinking objectively and the other subjectively, then a problem arises. The objective thinker would be able to prove their argument through evidence, but the subjective thinker would only act upon impulse. Again, this can lead to issues caused by the action of the subjective thinker.

In reality, we cannot escape either system of thought, and we should not expect to do so. It is not the goal of a human being to become a robot or to escape from the boundaries of reality. We should be emotionally touched by truth, and we should be intellectually driven by emotion.

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