March 23, 2017

When, in the course of human events, it becomes natural to conjure monstrous consumptions of others while knowing we all carry the abominations deep within, it is the realization of the fires burning the blackest ashes that fill the most luminous skies, amongst our decaying nation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all man and woman are equally entitled to enlightenment and the ability to change humanity for the better.  We as a society excommunicate each other simply based off what makes us human.  As we scorch the earth with our horrific isolation of each other, we plague our world more and more everyday.  With the age and techniques altering our future everyday, it is coherent we unite together as one.  Why massacre each other both physically and physiologically?  Why bind the true potential of every vessel?  Why single out faults?  Why are we humans so disgusted by what makes us human?  But the thought of tranquil and serenity is appalling because we all have flaws?  As we go on living in this reign of terror we leave no man standing or a soul left to tell the tale.  It is our given right to reach our full potential as a being and a species.  For too long have we hindered our progress, only because we have caused Armageddon in our own society. 
For those who are hypocritical and a bigot against others, and blindly spark flames of hostility in the hearts of souls.

For those who are apathetic and are insubordinate of code and conduct only because they do not have any impulse to herd ambitions.

For those who construct fictional barricades separating opportunities and prosperity because we are a diverse species.

For those who are egotistical and set surreal expectations for the less fortunate, so they can struggle to qualify for their standards as a being.

For those who are religious and claim to be all mighty but when a fellow soul as different beliefs or choices they directly reject without any second thought.

For those who are fed with the golden spoon of fortune but yet have the courage and ignorance to fret on the hardships of this forsaken world.

For those who were the less fortunate who grumble about life being dishonest when they are the ones who give up as soon as life gets stiff.

For those who are blind to the hidden truth that our world is no longer a lively home to live in only because the population brings extinction amongst themselves.

For those who are conceited and self-eminent to not realize they are the viruses in our doomed earth.
For those who do not seek peace of mind just because the dream catchers crush and thrash on individuals.
I, therefore, an angered and discombobulated being, pray with every bone in my body that our species comes to their senses to realize they are killing our societies.  I call too our heirs to cure this illness deep in our minds.  I declare to unite with everyone because we all share the similarity of being diverse, we all live in this dire world, and we all are humans.

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