The Power of Words

March 14, 2017

Never underestimate the power of a single word.

The connotation that a word carries on its back is one that allows for it to maneuver itself into the molded space of a sentence, setting up shop and calling it home for a limited time- that is, until the next word comes along, said with a certain descriptive fervency.

Let me hone in on what I mean-

“You are pretty”
“You are beautiful”
“You are ethereal”

“You are smart”
“You are intellectual”
“You are knowledgable”

“You are mean”
“You are cruel”
“You are abrasive”

These so-called synonymous words, fit into the same context, and situate themselves in an astronomically different manner.

The other day, I was about to say, “I do not want to prevaricate- I want to get to the point,” but instead I said, “I do not want to beat around the bush- I want to get to the point.” Why did I do this? I did not want to sound pompous or seem ostentatious, to begin, and perhaps the situation just was not right. Like I said, the connotation that a word must carry on its back- like a turtle carries his shell- must warrant the fixation of itself within a sentence, calling that sentence “home.” Notice- the connotation. (* Home is a place of warmth, comfort, and affection.”) But a single word- stopped me. I was intimidated by one, single word.

Allow me to perpetuate-

“I love you” is a phrase we say to our parents, our children, our siblings, our friends, our significant others- while it holds a deep and universally acknowledged meaning, it is a general statement that can be applied to those of whom we allow the acceptance of love. Conversely, “I’m in love with you” is a phrase exclusively designed for the significant other, the love interest, the one who flutters the heart. You would not say this to your mother, or your father, (with social acceptance, anyways.) This is a statement that is reserved for a deep, impassioned love that pervades the craft of human existence.

And yet, one word and a simple grammatical adjustment is all that has changed.Or shall I say.. alter? Adapted? Modified? Revised?

Words are a gift. We are bestowed with them by the virtuosity of us evolved, civilized human beings.

I like words. I am very fond of words. I love words.

But am I in love with words?

That may be taking it just a bit too far.

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