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Balance and Judgment

March 14, 2017
By WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
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Life is a precious thing. It's a mystery why some people take it for granted. When I was younger I believed in Yin and Yang. In some ways I still do. I tought this described the world perfectly.


Nothing could ever be truly bad but then again nothing can be ever truly good. This is still true. I could be a bad person who sometimes does good things, this makes me not in some but small ways good.


Thing I didn't like about it was that there was no grey area. The white and black never mixed merely lived amongst each other. Though it wouldn't add up to a mutualism relationship. It could never.


While thinking about Yin and Yang they are not halves. Half is something that is equal but if you truly think about what Yin and Yang means no matter how you divide it, it can never be equal.


If I took Yang and gave someone Yin. Then I would have a life of good with little bad to it but the person who I gave Yin would have bad in their life with little good. Now if I cut it in half the other way it still wouldn't be equal. ‘Cause I or the other person would have a little more bad or good in our lives.


Thinking about Yin and Yang got me interested in other theories. I found one called the Pendulum Theory, it's about the swing of someone's judgment.


As a person goes through something they will swing on way and swing back and forth in their judgement till they finally settle. Like a Pendulum.


Now judging is a hard thing to do so that's where the Pendulum goes wrong in its explanation. As many see it if you let your judgement be cloud by things then you have swung too far one way. This is not accurate to how a real pendulum works though.


If I pull back one side of the pendulum in any direction and release then it will go to the other side. It doesn't stay in midair because I want it too. No it'll go back down and eventually settle. Just like people's judgment. I guess if I kept holding the pendulum in my hand not releasing it then my judgement will stay firm and it had been uncorrupted. Get this though. How long can you hold a piece of metal in the air?


Now this depends on the size of the metal. Which is what the pendulum theory lacks. No one thinks about the size of the pendulum or the metal you hold. No one thinks the size of the decision you must make.


 If it's bigger than you can't hold on for long and must make a judgement. Seeing things from both side or not isn't the problem in this because whether you like it or not you must look and see and hear. If it's a smaller pendulum or judgement you have to make then you can hold onto it for a while. Let me give you two example that I'm getting at here.


Let's say you're married. You've been married for three years and the topic of children have come up. This is a big decision to make in your life and so the judgement you will have to make will also be more thought out. Since this is a big decision your judgment will also have to be making the pendulum bigger. Now you can be the person in the relations saying no I don't want kids. Then your pendulum will swing back and forth between you wanting kids and not. When it eventually settles you would have made a decision. Whether it was no or yes to children doesn't really matter as long as you have made a judgement being exposed to both sides.


Now for the second example let's say you're shopping and you see two shirts. You like both but you only have money for one of them. Now you'll go back a forth in your head whether you want the black shirt or the white shirt but essentially you'll make a decision. This decision is usually quicker then a bigger one. It doesn't matter what choice you make in all reality. Though in that process you have made a choice of which shirt you're getting.


Now pendulum theory can get more complicated going back to the shirts. Let's put in not only are our trying to pick out which shirt you want but you also think of the whether you should spend the money at all in the first place. Will it be useful for something else or no? Could you possibly find a better shirt and cheaper? This is what makes the pendulum theory more complex than what people make it. Even if we use this theory everyday in our lives because we all make judgements. It was your judgement that led you to read about it and my judgement to write about it.

The author's comments:

In this I talked about my ideas on both Yin and Yang theory and the Pendulum theory. I may be over thinking these a bit but it was a fun topic to write about. I hope to write more about these theories in the future.  

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