Why are men and women incompatible?

February 1, 2008
It's all down to hormones. Women have that hypersensitive and worry-loving hormone while men have. . .others. Actually I think it's chromosomes I'm thinking of. Men, as well known, have a 'y' chromosome. All the rest of the DNA on that strand was redundant so men got rid of it. But women clung to it, "just in case it was needed." Well, the gentler sex has found good use for them in afforementioned hypersensitivity. So it's not really a question of incompatibility (which was so henously implied). It's more of a question of division of labor. Men deal with work without distractions. Women deal with working around distractions. In fact if women don't have distractions they feel out of place and make them. Ie. Wear high heels to school/work. this gives them just one more thing to worry about. Falling flat on their face and looking like a consummate clutz. . .and they're happy that way.

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