Concert Hall Children's Drama

March 21, 2009
By The_Madcap GOLD, Vancouver, Washington
The_Madcap GOLD, Vancouver, Washington
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The Concert Hall was vast and empty when mama and I came in to see a show. Mama paid the ticket man with money early so we could get a good spot before the show. Mama said that some rock musicians were going to play, and the show was going to end with a new band from England called 'Pink Floyd.' The hall had a concrete floor with a big stage on the front wall in the center. The hall looked more like a warehouse to me though. It had some concession stands to our left where they served very greasy pizzas, my mama bought me one as I went to sit down on the floor and eat. That's when I noticed the other mama and her boy walk in.

But this other Mama was different, she wouldn't let go of her boys hand. When the boy asked for some pizza to eat his mother told him to eat some fruit she brought in. My mama looked sad for the other boy. Soon, after more of the mama blocking fun for the boy, my mama went to talk to the other mama.

Mama reached out her hand to greet the other mama and said hello, introducing herself to the other mama. Mama had a grin on her face when she talked to the new mama; she always liked meeting new people. But this mama looked the opposite of my mama, she acted like mama was being mean or maybe inconsiderate of the fact my mama wanted to meet her. After she began to act normal again, the other mama shook her hand and said hello back, she then greeted her boy, whose name was Roger. Then she asked mama what my name was, and I introduced myself for her, my name being Bobby, I always liked to talk to new people too.

But the other mama looked like I did something wrong. My mama always liked when I talked for myself. I liked it to, I didn't want my mama to fight all my battles for me, and she knew it. The other mama looked very strange at my mama, like she was asking why my mama wasn't doing anything about my behavior.

When the other mama's boy, Roger, asked to go to the bathroom, his mama wouldn't let him go unless she came too. My mama looked very disgusted at this and made a remark about children who grow up in fear of the toilet seat. I thought I was going to pee myself, but in laughter. The other mama looked mad at this, she told my mama to mind her own business, saying that she wanted to keep her Roger safe, how he was only nine years old and too young to be alone. My mama still looked like she was mad, I became quiet, and the other mama looked down her nose at my mama.

The other mama told my mama that she thought she was one of those 'loose type' mamas who let their children get away with everything. My mama defended herself by saying that I do not get away with anything that she finds immoral, but she finds most rules immoral to a developing mind. Then my mama pointed out that the other mama was one of those 'over protective type' mamas who won't let their own children learn how to use the restroom by themselves. The other mama scoffed and said that her child was safer and so he won't be sorry. But my mama replied that he will be when he can't bear to move out of the house.

The other mama looked very angry at this, but decided to let things go. When Roger asked if he could play with me, his mama said that they would have to schedule a play date. My mama said to the other in a neutral manner that we are both in the same room, at the same place, and at the same time, making it unnecessary to schedule a play date. The other mama, at least, agreed on this, and let Roger play with me.

After the show, I asked mama what all that fuss was even about. Mama said that some mamas can't stand the idea of free thinking children going off and growing up faster than they want them too. I asked my mama what she thought, and my mama said that 'Life is a game. So, if you don't play it, how do you know if you win or lose?'

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