Good for the soul

March 19, 2009
By Matt Heffernan BRONZE, Berwyn, Illinois
Matt Heffernan BRONZE, Berwyn, Illinois
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One does not exist without the existence of everything else. All things exist within duality. Existence is due to cause and conditions of things that already exist. A child is created by the combination of a man's sperm and a women's egg. The embryo also depends on proper conditions within the mother's womb. This is just one example of interdependence, on drop of water in a rain storm, one wave in the ocean, no more significant than any other, but just as beautiful and important. Forget the concept of 'I' or 'myself' and just flow, like water.
A tale of a young student and his master, on day the student approached his master and posed a question. The student said 'Master, what can I do to help all suffering beings in this world?' The master told his pupil, 'Indeed what can you do?' If one wants to change the world, a good place to start is the self. Too many times people try to change the world, when they themselves are unable to fix the problems within their own lives. It is like trying to teach someone to ride a bike when you yourself don't know how to ride. Helping yourself can be the key to helping others, look within and find your true nature, and with everything embrace it.

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