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March 18, 2009
By Noah Gleason BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
Noah Gleason BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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I believe that my family is the most important in my life because without them my life would be miserable. Think about your life with no food or place to live. Thanks to them I have all of that and more. Throughout my life they've been with me through the good and bad.

The most memorable times are vacations. We went to the Bahamas for a week and went for bike rides on the beaches. When we get back to our real home we would go to bed and sleep or just watch TV with everyone.

Some of the bad times are when I was trying to be a daredevil and jump off my bike when I was going down my road. Instead of running and making it I stumbled and fell. They cared for me for six months until I felt better.

If anyone in my family were to die or anything bad would happen to them, it would ruin my life forever which is just how strongly connected my family is.

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