Its' got to be life

March 17, 2009
By Together09 BRONZE, Shandon, California
Together09 BRONZE, Shandon, California
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Everyone has flaws, dislikes, likes but isn't that what makes this world. Our world is made up of jealousy, no matter what no one can change us. And we can't change anyone. But there is something more amazing then jealousy that makes up this world, that's love. Everyone wants to be cared about because it's not the fact of them caring for you; it's the fact of them loving you. Some people would kill for that, some people despise that, and some people cherish that. Our world should be cherished because it's us that make this world so unique. Some people say that god makes decisions for you, makes you pay for what you had sinned he is really just a guide for YOU to make your own decisions and make the right ones.

The author's comments:
inspiration...i guess.

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